I would like to give a big warm welcome to Archie who started with us on the walk today.  Archie was a complete sweetheart today and was very well behaved throughout the whole walk.  He is just a little shy so for the rest of this week the gang and I will be working on making him feel welcome and doing some good old bonding games with positive reinforcement so that he knows we are here for him and he can trust us completely.

Isn’t he beautiful!

P1190007 P1190009 P1190005

Hamish was in the best mood ever today! I think his new haircut has given him a boost of confidence! He was tearing the park up!


Hamish, ‘Hello Archie, don’t be afraid. My name’s Hamish and I run this pack!’

Me, ‘Eh….Hamish, that’s not strictly true wee man! Hehehe.’ 😉


The rain clouds started rolling in shortly after we arrived at the park today and suddenly the forest was so dark I had to use the flash on my camera! Crazy!

P1180974 P1180975

I’m puffing and panting climbing this hill while Hamish and Molly laugh at me from above!!

P1180980 P1180988

Archie off lead and waiting on us to catch up, what a good boy!

P1180990 P1180994

Something must smell good!


Big dark clouds, just hold off rain for ten more minutes please!!





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