It is blackberry season just now and look at all through delicious plump blackberries!! What a shame this thicket is so deep and high that I can’t reach the ripe ones! Oh well, happy munching birdies 🙂

P1190030 P1190033

Winston and his buddy Smudge love this game!

P1190035 P1190038




Ella enjoying a good game of chase! Eat my dirt boys!!

P1190041 P1190048

Up on Blackford Hill 🙂

P1190050 P1190051

What a handsome couple!


Archie has the most beautiful coat 🙂 Today it was completely covered with grass seeds and sticky willows!!


Maude loves the water!

P1190060 P1190061 P1190063

And then suddenly out of nowhere, blue skies!!

P1190066 P1190069 P1190071 P1190073  P1190077

Happy tired doggies!!



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