Tuesday and Wednesday, drizzly days…

The weather continues to keep up on our toes! Swinging for drizzle and damp to sunny spells and blue skies. I will have my whole wardrobe in my car soon haha! An outfit to change into at any given time πŸ˜‰

Yesterday at The Dell we met with Milo and Cocoa, two Jackapoos who look very very like our Smudge! Though they are shorter legged. I had to take this photo as it was just too funny. Milo has hit ‘that age’ and has taken a shine to Smudge! Everytime Smudge came near Milo was attached to his back! Smudge never even told him off, it was so funny to see Smudge mounted by a mini-Smudge hehehe πŸ˜€

P1190127 P1190129

The rain clouds parting to show blue skies…time to strip off the layers again!

P1190132 P1190133

Hector is back after his holiday! Yey!!


Maud and Cocoa Bean playing….


An end of the walk biscuit treat, yum!


Hugo back with us again today, I am sure in another few weeks he will answer to Rocket (his nickname with us!) as I call him it on the walk so often. He is a whirlwind kinda guy πŸ˜€


Happy happy happy happy happy happy…..

P1190149 P1190156

Cocoa loves Winston’s red frisbee! Though today I had to wade in the river to retrieve it for her as unlike Winston she is rubbish at getting it out from underneath the water! Wet trainers….


Molly has a mini-me!!! This is Buster who is with another dog walker we meet often at Blackford Hill. So cute together!!

P1190165 P1190167 P1190171

Tight crew πŸ™‚Β Β And introducing Elvis (L.V. for short!) who is a very young 13 year old lady. She did great on the walks today, for an elderly doggie she still has plenty of spring in her step! It is VERY rare for me to take out 6 doggies, my pack usually has a five dog limit. However Elvis was with us today for a trial and it was great for her to be out with such a great group of dogs who I trust completely!


Back at home out of the rain and it is most definitely snooze o’clock….ZZZZZzzzzzzzz



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