Last week’s shenanigans…

Just a quick catch up with last week’s walkies! Play time, shenanigans and water frolics!

P1190180 P1190182 P1190184

Someone’s been swimming!

P1190186 P1190187 P1190190 P1190191 P1190192

Archie’s found a choice stick!

P1190196 P1190198

Typical Maud pose 😀

P1190201 P1190202 P1190203 P1190204 P1190208

Ella playing with Archie and Gena…

P1190214 P1190216 P1190217

Camping in Largs at the weekend with Smudge, Cocoa, Gus and Molly. It was a great day on Saturday, then on Sunday torrential rain had us running for home!!



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