Happy Halloween!!

I did try really hard to take some spooky photos for you all today, but the dogs only seem to do cute…sorry!

But here is a little one off of the internet to keep in with the spirit of things!


The weather has just been amazing the past few days, we have missed all the showers, luck has been on our side!! I am however struggling photography wise with the light, it has made getting clean, clear shots quite tricky! When they are good they are good and when they are not, they are super blurry!


All the colours…

P1190693 P1190695

Cheeky faces!


We definitely love the autumn sunshine!

P1190699 P1190706

Being good for a treat! Clever pups!


Sitting in the Autumn leaves…



One muddy pup!

P1190715 P1190716 P1190718

My little black rebels…

P1190726 P1190731

Pretty girls…

P1190733 P1190735

One handsome chap!

P1190738 P1190739

L.V. is staying with us again, yey!

P1190743 P1190746

These guys are buddies πŸ™‚ The play chase until they are just about to drop!


Just a wee bit windy up on the hill!



Rain and Sun…

The weather is flippantly jumping between beautiful Autumn sunshine and pouring cats and dogs at the moment!! However pretty much all the doggies have their waterproofs now so we are prepared for fun no matter what the weather! Bring it on!


Enjoying the moments of sunshine up about Edinburgh.


Cracking view aye munchkins πŸ™‚

P1190645 P1190647

Two of the sweetest dogs I know πŸ™‚


Having a wee rest already Maud? We are only half way round! No actually she is just creeping slowly forward for her biscuit!


Playing with friends…


Friday morning and the weather is blummin awful!! Gus in his warming up after a wet walk in his fleece….’E.T. phone home…’


The afternoon cleared up a bit but everyone had their coats on, prepared for another down pour which never came!


Maud rocking Β her new pink waterproof, love it!!


Nope, no photos today thanks…..

P1190671 P1190673

Lenny coming in for a kiss and a cuddle….


Ooooo yes, that’s the spot…

P1190680 P1190683

Luckily those rains clouds never came our way, but I’m sure we have plenty more downpours to weather next week!!


When Autumn is good, it’s very good.

The weather was beautiful today, absolutely stunning. Β I was really annoyed at myself for forgetting the camera this morning with Hugo, Murphy, Smudge and Ella. I rushed back to get it at lunchtime as there is no way I could let this beautiful day go by without a little photo shoot. Can’t quite put into words how much I love this city and my job with these wonderful dogs. Even when people comment on how bad the weather is, there is not one part of me that wishes I had a desk job inside instead, Not one part….

The guys were all very good having their photos taken today, apart from Maud-Monster who just couldn’t be bothered! Everyone has days where they are just not in the mood for a photograph and there’s nothing wrong with that! Maud was content playing and watching the others have their photo done instead xx

P1190618 P1190624 P1190611 P1190621 P1190614 P1190630 P1190629 P1190606 P1190602Β Β P1190604

Sneaky photo Maud? Just a little one πŸ™‚ Thank you!

P1190637 P1190638

Friday games…

We are thankful for any day that is dry at the moment! Had two lovely walks yesterday, all of the dogs were on top form, showing the public how lovely and amazing a well-behaved and balanced pack really it. Smiles and compliments all round from every person we met. Joyful….

Tug-o-war was the game of the day!! Another frisbee near torn in half!! As long as they are enjoying themselves… πŸ™‚


Gus’s ‘safe’ zone is between his Dad and I’s feet. He stands here whenever he is unsure and wants to be comforted.


Tug-o-war between Gus and Archie, Archie doing a really good job of humoring my little lad who is not as tough as he thinks he is!


Gus is determined I’ll give him that! Archie still won….


Cooling off….


Up on the hill and I can’t stress enough how good all the Hi-Vis gear is, especially now we are moving slowly but surely into the dark winter!


Winston’s happy face…


Dreich days!

Ahh….Sunny Scotland…..NOT!! My goodness this is turning out to be one dreich October. Though my trip to Grand Canaria has given me just that extra little bit of sunshine late in the year so now all I need is some new waterproof trousers (thank you Auldi!) and I think I can face the weather with my wonderful packs. I missed them all so much while I was away!! I have been catching up on some much missed kisses and frolics.

Wet, wet, wet….


Everyone is still more than happy to play frisbee despite the rain!

P1190497Β Β P1190500 P1190504 P1190505

Check out Hugo’s snazzy new waterproof coat, in Hi-Vis pink!! I HAVE to get Molly one of these!!


Glowing! No batteries required here πŸ˜‰


Why thank you Smudge!

P1190509 P1190513

Kobi looking cool as a cucumber in his Hi-Viz jacket, love it!

P1190518 P1190522

Photo of the day; ‘I know what you need Andie, a big WET kiss!!’ xx