Photo catch-up..

I am very sorry folks for the lack of photo posts these last few weeks. I have been so busy, I can’t even tell you!! I have lists of things to get through before my holiday and sadly the blogging has had to be put on the back burner for now, Here is a catch up of some of our lovely walks!

Bums in the air! Archie, Kobi and Maisie are all delighted to be out in the wild ;D

P1190379 P1190380

Maud soaking up some sun…

P1190381 P1190382

Love the face Kobi! Deep in thought…’Hmmm…who to chase next!’


What’s in here!


Maisie loves to be chased!


Come and get me boys!!


Phew, that girl sure can run!


And she’s still going haha!


Less sun today but the woods do smell amazing in the rain 🙂


Rocket dog has the ball!! Demon eyes haha 😉

P1190421 P1190422

All together in the autumn leaves. Can’t believe I had to use the flash in this one! Its getting darker and darker these days!

P1190425 P1190428

Hugo you are too cute!



My handsome lad…


P1190439 P1190443

Smudge the hardened rabbit hunter!! (JUST KIDDING!!! The dogs just found this on the walks, no angry letters please ;)…)


Up on Arthurs Seat in the clear afternoon air…

P1190469 P1190471

Good view aye guys 🙂



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