Dreich days!

Ahh….Sunny Scotland…..NOT!! My goodness this is turning out to be one dreich October. Though my trip to Grand Canaria has given me just that extra little bit of sunshine late in the year so now all I need is some new waterproof trousers (thank you Auldi!) and I think I can face the weather with my wonderful packs. I missed them all so much while I was away!! I have been catching up on some much missed kisses and frolics.

Wet, wet, wet….


Everyone is still more than happy to play frisbee despite the rain!

P1190497  P1190500 P1190504 P1190505

Check out Hugo’s snazzy new waterproof coat, in Hi-Vis pink!! I HAVE to get Molly one of these!!


Glowing! No batteries required here 😉


Why thank you Smudge!

P1190509 P1190513

Kobi looking cool as a cucumber in his Hi-Viz jacket, love it!

P1190518 P1190522

Photo of the day; ‘I know what you need Andie, a big WET kiss!!’ xx



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