Friday games…

We are thankful for any day that is dry at the moment! Had two lovely walks yesterday, all of the dogs were on top form, showing the public how lovely and amazing a well-behaved and balanced pack really it. Smiles and compliments all round from every person we met. Joyful….

Tug-o-war was the game of the day!! Another frisbee near torn in half!! As long as they are enjoying themselves… 🙂


Gus’s ‘safe’ zone is between his Dad and I’s feet. He stands here whenever he is unsure and wants to be comforted.


Tug-o-war between Gus and Archie, Archie doing a really good job of humoring my little lad who is not as tough as he thinks he is!


Gus is determined I’ll give him that! Archie still won….


Cooling off….


Up on the hill and I can’t stress enough how good all the Hi-Vis gear is, especially now we are moving slowly but surely into the dark winter!


Winston’s happy face…



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