Rain and Sun…

The weather is flippantly jumping between beautiful Autumn sunshine and pouring cats and dogs at the moment!! However pretty much all the doggies have their waterproofs now so we are prepared for fun no matter what the weather! Bring it on!


Enjoying the moments of sunshine up about Edinburgh.


Cracking view aye munchkins 🙂

P1190645 P1190647

Two of the sweetest dogs I know 🙂


Having a wee rest already Maud? We are only half way round! No actually she is just creeping slowly forward for her biscuit!


Playing with friends…


Friday morning and the weather is blummin awful!! Gus in his warming up after a wet walk in his fleece….’E.T. phone home…’


The afternoon cleared up a bit but everyone had their coats on, prepared for another down pour which never came!


Maud rocking  her new pink waterproof, love it!!


Nope, no photos today thanks…..

P1190671 P1190673

Lenny coming in for a kiss and a cuddle….


Ooooo yes, that’s the spot…

P1190680 P1190683

Luckily those rains clouds never came our way, but I’m sure we have plenty more downpours to weather next week!!



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