Happy Halloween!!

I did try really hard to take some spooky photos for you all today, but the dogs only seem to do cute…sorry!

But here is a little one off of the internet to keep in with the spirit of things!


The weather has just been amazing the past few days, we have missed all the showers, luck has been on our side!! I am however struggling photography wise with the light, it has made getting clean, clear shots quite tricky! When they are good they are good and when they are not, they are super blurry!


All the colours…

P1190693 P1190695

Cheeky faces!


We definitely love the autumn sunshine!

P1190699 P1190706

Being good for a treat! Clever pups!


Sitting in the Autumn leaves…



One muddy pup!

P1190715 P1190716 P1190718

My little black rebels…

P1190726 P1190731

Pretty girls…

P1190733 P1190735

One handsome chap!

P1190738 P1190739

L.V. is staying with us again, yey!

P1190743 P1190746

These guys are buddies 🙂 The play chase until they are just about to drop!


Just a wee bit windy up on the hill!



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