Meet Molly!!

We have a newbie starting with us today, the lovely Molly!! Molly is a Golden Retriever cross Labrador, she is full of beans and is as sweet as pie. I knew as soon as I met her that she would not only make a great addition to the pack, but that she would get on wonderfully with Winston! Just as I thought she instantly doted on him, following him everywhere. Cute!! Welcome Molly!! We might have to call you ‘Baby Molly’ so we don’t get mixed up with my own darling Molly!

This morning at Cammo Estate…more beautiful sunshine. Ella is trying to get Geena to play chase!

P1190754 P1190755 P1190758 P1190761

Posing doggies, good models are they not?!

P1190763 P1190767 P1190768

Baby Molly and Winston already as thick as thieves 🙂

P1190771 P1190772

Look at that beautiful coat! We may have to nick-name her Blondie instead 😀

P1190775 P1190776

Maud has found someone who loves playing in the water even more than she does!

P1190778 P1190780 P1190782



Sun in my eyes!

P1190787 P1190788 P1190789

Pooped after a good hour and a half of frisbee games, chase and stair climbing!!



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