Snoods in the hood….

The new Snoods and bandanna’s have been seeing a lot of action as the weather continues to be dry (thank goodness!) but chilly on our walks. The parks definitely seem to be getting quieter and quieter! Which does not impress the dogs I have to say, they are wondering where all their hordes of friends have gone! I now think back to last April in the snow when we were literally the only punters outside for miles…or at least that’s what it felt like! Only the hard-core dog walkers seem to venture out into the Scottish winter weather, and the joke of it is it’s not that bad as long as you wear appropriate gear and keep moving. A little secret…although the dogs miss meeting other doggies on the walks, I can’t help but enjoy the quiet πŸ™‚


Maud in her snood…love it!

P1190867 P1190863

Lenny finally has his bandanna…sorry it took so long pal, you have always been one of the team though!

P1190871 P1190875 P1190876

Maud keeping a watchful eye on Kobi as he investigates the pond, “Careful Kobi….careful….” Such a concerned friend πŸ™‚

P1190877 P1190878

Trying out my ‘sports’ setting on my camera. Now I do love my Lumix camera but I have to say I am a little disappointed with this feature…not as clear as I would like!

Ella mid -leap!

P1190881 P1190883 P1190884

Chase, chase, chase….

P1190886 P1190889

Rocket dog portraits…

P1190890 P1190894

This is Cocoa’s “I hear something…” face!


Winter sun up on the hill today…


Anyone fancy looking at the camera….maybe? No Andie, get it out our face….;)


Aww ok, maybe just a quick cute shot! Thanks Hamish!


Hector finding something yummy (or disgusting) in the leaves…


Raaarrr!!! Maud is after us!!!



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