Edinburgh is all about the views…

The woods and hills are looking spectacular in the autumn sunlight…

We have had quite a week so far! Helped a lost doggie find his owner, good deed for the week! Saw the wild owl down at the Dell and met many, many, many friends for fun and frolics! We are also just back from the doggie hairdressers, Molly looks spectacular thanks to Kelly at Short, Bark and Sides. It is cold, but we are doing enough running about enough to keep warm πŸ˜€

P1190915 P1190917

Maud sweetie, its winter…maybe not the month for swimming??

P1190918 P1190922 P1190924

Its a little muddy underfoot, but who’s looking down?!

P1190926 P1190928

Wee-man xx

P1190929 P1190951

Winter fuzz balls…

P1190954 P1190957 P1190959 P1190962 P1190965

It was a little windy on Arthurs Seat!


Kobi throwing a sucker punch at Maud! Don’t worry, Kobi may start it but he’s no match for Maud-Monster haha! She always wins πŸ˜‰


A very good effort Maud but maybe Lenny is just a little too fast…just a little πŸ˜‰


My super pretty Molly! Thanks to Kelly atΒ http://shortbarkandsidesedinburgh.com/Β My gorgeous girl shines up like a new penny πŸ™‚ xxP1190972


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