Doggie full day and a sad goodbye…

It has been another very busy day!! Four walks later…First walk today started at 7am. Archie and Gena and I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise over Cammo Estate with a good hour of ball chasing!






Next myself, Winston, Hugo, Smudge, Ella and Cocoa Bean ran riot on Craiglockhart Hill.  Boy those kids can run!! It is still super muddy up there and the guys seem to just revel in it 🙂









Very, very sad that today was Cocoa Beans last walk with us Cocoa has been walking with me from the very beginning, when I first launched Four Seasons Dog Walking, Edinburgh, and we even knew her long before that! She was Gus’s best best friend as a baby, before we even adopted Mollydog. We are so sad to say goodbye, but wish her and her Mum and Dad (Victoria Robertson, David Robertson) all the very best in their lovely new home and can’t wait to meet the new addition! All our love guys, enjoy your wonderful new home, we miss you all already!!! xXXx

P1200197 P1200200


Thirdly Hector, Maud, Kobi and Archie enjoyed frolics along the river back followed by some rabbit hunting. Judging from Archie’s hyper barks he was pretty close to getting one in amongst the gorse bushes.






Finally my own two furry babies Gus and Molly joined myself and Archie and Gena for a stunning sunset walk where we met a beautiful ENORMOUS Great Dane who was as sweet as pie. Such a gentle giant, though Gus couldn’t help but find her slightly intimidating! He was quickly comforted though and once reassured sat right alongside her for a treat.

Good day….definitely time for a cuddle on the sofa 🙂


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