Christmas countdown….

EEP!!! Nearly Xmas!!! Yes, yes I am a massive kid….don’t judge me haha 😉 Here are just a few photos from the last few days walks. I have not been taking a lot of photos recently as I am saving up quite a bit of video footage for a special Four Seasons Dog Walking Christmas video instead. It’s gonna be awesome, I’m pretty excited about it so watch this space!

Today we said goodbye to the lovely Geena and Archie who’s mum and dad returned from their trip. We had all grown so used to their lovely labrador cuddles, it seems so quite tonight with just my two! Just as well I will see them for their walk on Friday hooray!! 😀 I never have to miss them for long!


Maisie met Molly this week for the first time. They took about half a second to decide that they were going to be BFF’s!! Honestly they were rediculous together, best BEST friends haha! More of that in the upcoming Xmas video!








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