Happy New Year!!!

Hello all my lovely blog followers!! I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season and are now raring to get back on the horse and charge towards 2014 😉

Gus, Molly and myself had a lovely time with all our friends and family over the past few weeks but were very much looking forward to getting back out on the walks with all our four-legged pals again! And what a day to start back on, wowee it was a bit of a wet and wild day out there today! We were all dressed to the nines in our wet weather gear so that we could splash around and not freeze our little toes and tails off!

We were especially excited as this morning we had a little newbie start with us! I am very happy to introduce Ruben, a 16 week old Boxer pup who is joining us on a Monday morning for socialization and to learn the basics! Ruben was great on his first walk with us today. LOVED my Mollydog as expected (all dogs love Molly) which is absolutely perfect as Molly is very calm and pretty much 99.9% obedient, the best dog for him to take notes from in other words hehe! Ruben stuck to either my side or hers for the whole walk. We worked on walking on and off-lead, recal and greeting new doggies politely. All of which he got a gold star for! It was really too wet to be taking too many photos but I managed to snap a couple. Welcome Ruben!

(I can everyone saying ‘awwwwwww’)


Ruben is already a tall puppy! He has long legs and big paws, he’s gonna be a BIG lad!


He already sits and waits for a biscuit too, oh yeah, you will fit in nicely here Ruben my lad ;D



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