Friday already!?

First week of 2014 has gone very quickly! So happy to see all my wonder puppies again, I had some super enthusiastic kisses from Archie and Gena when I saw them yesterday which was wonderful! Honda is also a fan of the chocolate duo, who wouldn’t be!



Ella’s one eyed pirate impression! Oo-arrr!

P1200780 P1200781

Gena loves ball chasing, can you tell?

P1200785   P1200784

We had just a little shower when out on the Friday lunchtime walk, we all took it in our stride though. Some doggies (ahem, Maud) actually revel in the mud….which you will see below!

‘Can I have a shot of your ball Winston?’




The one muddy puddle in the field, Maud just has to have a wade…part dog, part hippo!



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