A little Wednesday sunshine…

We had a little hint of blue skies and sunshine this afternoon, one could almost believe summer was round the corner…..

…ok maybe that’s a little wishful thinking! 😉

We enjoyed our morning walk in the Dell, meeting many of our regular friends.

P1200942 P1200945 P1200955 P1200957 P1200959 P1200964

This afternoon we had a lovely frolic in the woods on Blackford Hill. Maud was delighted to have her boys around her, and there was lots of jostling and noisy playing. They can’t get enough of it! Hector and Hamish however are far too sensible for such nonsense haha. They look on baffled at the young ones shenanigans!

P1200973 P1200976

We are enjoy the last few days with the lovely Hamish. Will be SUPER sad to see him go.

P1200978 P1200979 P1200981 P1200980

P1200967 P1200969  P1200971


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