A sad goodbye…

Today was our last walk with the gorgeous Hamish. We made the most of it and had a wonderful time, lots of playing  and even more cuddling!!  We will miss you terribly Hamish, we wish you and your Mum Francis all the best in your wonderful new home. We can’t wait to see the photos of you enjoying your walks with Natalie and her pack!

P1210019 P1210020

Love this photo!

P1210024 P1210026 P1210032 P1210033

Very last cuddles and kisses. Lots of love Hamish from myself and all your four-legged friends here at Four Seasons xxxxx

P1210040 P1210041

Second walk with the pack for Jess, and what a clever girl she is! Recall is perfect, and I mean absolutely perfect!  Sat in the back of the car with Winston like a pro and only needed a short amount of time spent on the ‘wait’ command when I open the boot before she understood she couldn’t not jump out with an invitation. Collies, just a joy to train!P1210043 P1210046

Playing tug-o-war with Maud is like wrestling with a bear, she is so strong!! Very clever Bullie though,she drops it on command with no fuss. Thats my girl… 🙂

P1210047 P1210048 P1210050

Aww was a bit disappointed that this photo was blurry! We have half of the walk for toy time and half without for socializing time. This is Jess trying to entice Winston to play. He didn’t need too much encouragement haha!


Jess this week, as predicted, was brave enough to follow Maud and Winston into the river for a paddle!

P1210055 P1210058 P1210059 P1210060

L.V. is still refusing to get her paws wet!


Just what I needed after having to say goodbye to Hamish, some squishy Maud kisses to cheer me up!



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