A quick catch up for the end of the week. It has been a busy one and boy are we tired! I have a very sleepy household here at the moment!

Hugo is a BIG fan of Winter swimming…hard core!


The lovely L.V. is not as ‘ahem’, brave shall we say, as Hugo and keeping her feet firmly on the banks!


Smudge is rockin the poofy look 😀


It’s acts just like velcro for the undergrowth hahaha!

P1200990   P1200997

Ella stalking her boyfriend Smudge…


I have been meaning to take a photo of Archie and Hugo together for a while. They are sadly not on the same walks though they do get to spend a little time together every now and then on car rides. How cute they are together. Go tream Cocker Spaniel!


Eyes that would melt any heart!

P1210005 P1210006

Blue skies that’s what we like to see!


Lovely Lenny…



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