Welcome Louis!!

Happy Monday! (as they seem to love to say on the radio…) Aww come folks its not all that bad! At least it didn’t rain today :/ We were all prepared on this morning walks to get soaked by another mega downpour, but it never came! Still it was a thrill to see everyone in their matching jackets!

This is Ruben’s, ‘Hey! Why have we stopped??’ face…


Bound, bound, bound…




Rascal face…


Yey, we are glowing! Rave on…P1210076 P1210077

Elvis and Gus looking ready for hometime and a nap 😉P1210078

Such a good photo! Chums…P1210079 P1210080 P1210082

Today we had our last newbie start with us before we finally closed the books for new clientele. (Thats it we are full guys!)  I would like to introduce Louis! Louis is a Labradoodle who up close looks very like none other than our lovely Ella! But a boy, and bigger, and chocolate… 😉 Louis did very well on his first day, we did some lead work then off-lead work where Louis could really show off his speed and his recall abilities! Happy first day Louis!


Jumping over Maud!


Investigating a strange smell!P1210086

Louis with the gang, Archie, Colin and Maud. Wee-man Hector didnea want to be in the photos today. He had better things to do 😉



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