Its miserable outside…but we’re not!!!

Well it may be tipping it down outside, but we are still managing to have loads of fun!!

Murphy and Hugo bombing about the woods…


Here he comes!

P1210132 P1210134 P1210137 P1210139 P1210142

As if we were not wet enough! Nope, a splash in the river is obviously called for!

P1210146 P1210147

My hi-vis team šŸ˜‰ Having a good old wrestle with a tug toy…Winston is just patiently waiting for them to give up! Good strategy Booboo…

P1210150 P1210151

Only two left, who will emerge victorious???


Maud wins…

P1210153 P1210157

Kisses from Mollydog, how I love my girl.

P1210160 P1210162

A very wet Smudge!

P1210099 P1210100

Soggy dogs!

P1210102 P1210104 P1210105

The beloved Auntie Sophie (Winston’s Mum) handing out treats, all paws on deck!!

P1210106 P1210107 P1210110

Archie bundled up after a good run on the hill šŸ™‚



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