Ball games and mud puddles…

A catch up of the week so far!

Ella has made off with the ball, run honey run!



P1210176 P1210178 P1210179

Smudges new haircut looks super cute, and Ella likes it too!!

P1210181 P1210182

Interesting smells has everyone’s attention…


What is that aroma??


Mmmm grass, today I am a herbivore…P1210186

Yeah the grass is ok, but you should really try this stick it’s delicious!!! P1210187

Car faces; Maud’s ‘Are we there yet?’ face. Too cute!

P1210190 P1210191

Any chance of a biscuit for the journey?


Yeah, me too please…

P1210194 P1210196

Ball games on the hill…

P1210198 P1210199

Maud, Maud, Maud….she just can’t help herself! Loves a mud puddle…

P1210201 P1210202

Now that’s a happy face!

P1210206 P1210207 P1210209 P1210210

Mr Lenny looking regal as always…

P1210212 P1210213

Go team!



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