It was a fantastic sunny day yesterday, if you took away the freezing wind one could almost remember what it was like in the summer….almost haha!

The morning sun streaming through the trees at Cammo Estate…


Archie, Geena and Smudge have only one thing on their minds…BALL TIME!!!P1210219  P1210222

Ella looking very happy that she has managed to nick the ball for once… 😀P1210225 P1210226

The snowdrops are out! Can’t resist a little photo opportunity…P1210235


How pretty!!


All together now…


It was very windy up on the hill this afternoon but the sun was still keeping us company!P1210242

Happy pink tongue faces 🙂


Looking out over Arthurs Seat…P1210245

Having a quick drink from the rock pools…our secret source of fresh water at the top 😉P1210246 P1210249


No one does glittery ‘biscuit-eyes’ like the Wee-Man…P1210252 P1210250 P1210251


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