Rabbit Season…

We had a fabulous few days this week, stunning blue skies looking over our wonderful city and the best dogs ever to enjoy it with! Life doesn’t get much better than this!

P1210481 P1210486 P1210483 P1210485 P1210484

A very happy Collie 😀

P1210488P1210492  P1210494

Kobi has about two seconds before he is nailed by his silent Collie stalker…he is blissfully unaware!P1210493

Lovely Archie, what a handsome boy.P1210496

Can you spot Jess and Archie rabbit hunting on the hill?P1210497

Wee-man Hector doesn’t do ball games or rabbit hunting obviously, but we play ‘seek’ instead where he hunts for treats in the undergrowth. He is great at it, believe me he finds each and every one with that great nose of his!P1210498  P1210500

Friday morning out with Archie, Ella, Honda, Archie (2!) and Gena! Another spectacular day with more spectacular doggies.


Archie with his head down a hole, looking for the rabbit that just slipped his grasp! When he spotted it in the undergrowth he let out three high pitched barks which I can only assume meant ‘RABBIT, RABBIT, RABBIT!!’ as all the working breeds in the field dashed to his side! Myself and the other dog walkers couldn’t help but smile at the call to arms being answered so swiftly, who says the working breeds turned house pets have lost their instincts! Cue one very spooked rabbit dashing out across the field with at least six Labradors and Archie closing in on his fluffy tail! Don’t worry rabbit lovers, the little buck toothed mammal in question made it safely back to his burrow. Much to Archie’s disgust!


Louis and Maud having a good wrestle!P1210516

Beards and tongues flapping in the wind.P1210519P1210520

How cute are these guys all swimming together! Almost reminds me of summer last year….fingers crossed we have another one on the way! Please, please, please!!!




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