Monday, Monday…

Bit chilly out there today with some scattered showers. This morning I was so caught up playing fetch with the group that I completely forgot I had my camera in the bag! Sorry folks! This afternoon we managed to catch some sunshine rays and enjoyed ball games and lots of cuddles in the soft long grass 🙂

Instead of ‘Where’s Wally’ we are playing ‘Where’s Jessy?’ Can you spot her kids?


Archie showing off his stunning Working Cocker physique.  P1210667

What a dog!


Nom, nom, nom…slobbery ball.P1210670 P1210674

Look at the slaver on your legs! Lovely Winston! (Cares not a jot…)P1210675 P1210676 P1210677

Love this photo! Coolest shot of the day 😀

P1210680 P1210683


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