Need for Speed…

Some days you just get the feeling its a lucky day for taking good photos. When that happens I take LOADS! hehe…

Hugo is all healed and returned to us today for his first walk with the group in two weeks. His mum did warn us prior to picking him up that our resident ‘Rocket-Dog’ is probably going to be turbo charged!!! Hmmm, I dunno…looking at that ever so slightly hyper expression before the walk… ‘What do you think Hugo?’

‘Well Auntie Andie, I FEEL THE NEED FOR SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!’







P1210698 P1210705

Half an hour later (no joke!) ‘Pant, pant,pant…. ‘


‘Ok, I feel normal again now.’


Murphy and Ella posing for treats…

P1210695 P1210703

Honda and his buddy Smudge. Considering Honda kinda wanted to eat Smudge at first (‘He’s one of those curly-haired rabbits right?’) these guys have come a long way and are great pals. Trust and friendship between dogs, exactly as it does with people, just takes time. The one major difference is that dogs hardly ever hold a grudge.


An afternoon of Bulldogs and Terriers… and one baby Boxer 😉


My wonderful Frenchie duo xXXxx

P1210713 P1210714 P1210715

LOVE this photo, so happy I managed to snap it!


Kobi and Ruben’s friendship is coming along brilliantly. It gives me such joy to watch a relationship between dogs develop and blossom over time. What makes it so funny is that they are VERY similar personality wise, yet Ruben is about a year behind Kobi in doggie manners! I have to laugh as the stuff Ruben does which Kobi finds annoying (barking to get him to play, ‘paw-punching’ etc) , is exactly what he used to do to other dogs when he was younger! The shoe is on the other foot now hehe  😉
Ruben is all about Kobi on the walk, he is like a little brother desperate to please so that he is included in the game! There are four other dogs on the walk and yet Ruben instinctively knows that Kobi is the energy he wants to be around most. From my point of view I am delighted that Ruben has chosen Kobi as his mentor, Kobi is one bomb-proof Frenchie! Perfect recall, perfect with all dogs he meets, perfect with all people. He has any more great attributes and is just in general is a brilliant dog for Ruben to learn from. With help and guidance Ruben is slowly but surely getting there and it shows through clearly on days like today when Kobi spends more time playing chase and ball games with Ruben, making him one happy puppy.

P1210723 P1210725 P1210721P1210728

Gus and Wee-man have only one thing on their minds, TREATS!!! P1210724P1210726P1210727

Maud photo bombing hehehe…


Happy walk, happy dogs, happy me…



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