Easter sunshine…

Oh my goodness what a gorgeous day out there today. Absolutely stunning blue skies and toasty warm…for Scotland haha! We are enjoying the Easter holidays as much as the kids!


Winston the tug boat ploughing through the water for his ball!

P1210902 P1210904 P1210906 P1210907 P1210908

Honda enjoying his coat-free days now the sun has rejoined us finally!


An Ewok and a Walrus..

P1210914 P1210916

Cooling off…

P1210917 P1210918 P1210919 P1210922

Louis and Molly enjoying some wrestling on the hill…


Wee-man Hector getting in on the action!

P1210924 P1210925

Raaar!!! Gus takes on the Crock-o-Dog!



Happy faces all round!

P1210927 P1210931


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