Beach Dogs and River walks….

Continuing on our massive summer catch up we shall move right along to the fantastic beach trips we have had over the last few months! Blue sky goodness 😀 We don’t visit the beach at the beginning of the summer as all the kiddy-winks are off school and it’s just a tad too busy for us. But once the little two-legged munchkins have returned to their education we move in to reclaim the shores again for the next ten months, whoopee!

unnamed (33) unnamed (32)

unnamed (7) unnamed13


Ruben is ecstatic to meet a lovely Golden Retriever that is more than up for a good run, woohoo!


Just cruisin, Honda and Molly…


I really love this photo!


Simply glorious… another fantastic example of my ‘office’. Feel free to let the jealously flow 😉

unnamed (14)

While I never quite made it into the ocean this summer it was hot enough at points that I could go river walking with the dogs. One of my all time favorite activities to do with them! Its challenging, fun and we stay cool at the same time! In a few months time we will be walking past the same river and I won’t believe we were swimming together in it! Lucky I have all the photos to prove it!

unnamed (57)

unnamed (56) unnamed (58)

My little rock-hoppers!

unnamed (67)

unnamed (60) unnamed (95)

unnamed (11)  unnamed (15)

unnamed (24)

Just to make you all feel better, it was not sunshine 24/7, we had some damper days too! Somehow we muddled through 😉

unnamed100 unnamed69 unnamed (26)

I love Maud’s ‘hippo’ shots 😀

unnamed (25)

Ah Louis, always a happy-waggy tail 😀


Kobi snuggled under a blanket in the car after a particularly wet walk, altogether now, ‘Awwwwww….’


Ok back to the sunshine! Miss Molly stepping out!


Our ever beautiful Prince Booboo…

unnamed (9) unnamed (13)

We were super happy to have Mr Olly back with us this summer, we miss him loads and loads! Come back soon lovely! Your friends and I all miss your sweet Black Panther ways xxx

unnamed (91) unnamed (86)

‘But why can’t I take it home??!’

unnamed (75)

We will end this blog post with some lovely class photos! Everyone say, ‘Fox Poo!’unnamed 357

unnamed (92)

unnamed (77)




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