Return of the Rockets and our Summer Snuggles…

We are delighted to have some of our beloved friends back with us after their summer vacations! Welcome back munchkins!

Mr Colin! Woop woop!

unnamed (5)

Hugo, the one and only! 

unnamed (2) unnamed (19) unnamed (20)

unnamed (21) unnamed (22)

Archie!! Who is sporting the latest in summer fashion in this shot, the ‘Indian Summer Headdress’. 😉

unnamed (49)

And to Miss Jess who I have not yet been able to get a photo of that isin’t just a black and white blur hehe 😉 Welcome back my lovelies, you were very much missed! xxx

This summer was not all about the walking (though more so that than anything else!). We did make time for lots and lots of snuggling and cuddles. After all we all need a little, or a lot, of love in our lives! 

unnamed (47) unnamed02

unnamed (98) unnamed (90)

unnamed (82) 

Oh yes cuddling and general chilling out is just as much these guys forte and running about like loons 😉


Very sadly we are now reaching the end of our summer photo bonanza…one last farewell to the shorts and t-shirt weather, please come again next year Mr Sunshine!

unnamed (84) unnamed01

unnamed05 unnamed (4)


unnamed06 unnamed (10) 

And to bring us to a close my absolute most favorite shot from the whole summer and possibly of the whole year, my Dad giving out biscuits to ahem, a few passing house guests!  

unnamed (83)

Thank you for yet another amazing summer lovely people and doggies!! Woof woof woof!!

unnamed (89)

Andie, Gus and Molly xxxXXXxxx



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