Summer 2014 Bonanza



Well, here we are. Another wonderful action packed, footloose and fancy free summer slowly slipping away behind us. We have been so busy our poor blog has been somewhat neglected….ok we seriously neglected it! Sorry folks!!  😦 But that does not mean that we have not been snapping away recording all our summer adventures so that we can look back in a few months time and say, ‘My god….was it ever really that sunny in Scotland!??!’

I have truly had the most amazing time this summer with all my four-legged best friends. I know I say it often, but I always feel it can stand to be repeated!  I feel like the luckiest person in the world with the most amazing clients and fabulous dogs, who never fail to have me smiling and laughing and never, ever wanting for love and affection. My days are truly blessed.

Without further adieu we shall work our way through this truck load of summer photies, I hope you are all sitting comfortably with a glass of wine or cup of tea. Get ready….here we go!!!

My darling Gus is ready to kick start us off, showing that he really does think FAR too much of himself, total poser. I bought this fabulous new harness from House of Hound in Edinburgh ( If you have not payed them a visit yet get yourself along there. They have all the best goodies, treats, pretty and tasty things your dog could desire and are extremely friendly and helpful. We have been back almost every week since! It gets Gus’s paw of approval as you can see! This dog…..he thinks he is on Britains Next Top Dog Model or something! haha 😉


We have a happy squishy new face to introduce as well, yey!! Meet Giorge the French Bulldog! Giorge has taken the very very last slot with us (that’s it folks we are completely and officially full!!) and we are simply delighted to have him with us. He is a very happy easy going chap who instantly made friendly with everyone. It’s like he has been with us for years, not a few weeks! Welcome Giorge, we love you already!!

unnamed (68)

unnamed (53) unnamed (71)unnamed (51)

unnamed (78)

All the Bulldogs please, more Bulldogs mwahahahaha!!!

unnamed (93)

Of course I love all dogs, all breeds/cross-breeds. However as with everyone there are a few who hold special place in my partner and I’s hearts and this line up is pretty much what we would like our family to look like in the future! We just need to add in a Staffie….and a Bullmastiff…and a Winston….and of course these gates will be the gates to our stately home as we better be freakin loaded to have all those dogs hahaha! 😉

unnamed (23)

Sun and water worshipers…

jj unnamed (52)

unnamed (72) unnamed (80)

unnamed (76)  unnamed (6)unnamed (87) unnamed (62)

Ella seed face 😀

unnamed (81)

Our baby Ruben is all grown up! How did that happen! unnamed (48)

Nobody does sparkly ‘Love me’ eyes quite like wee-man Hector 😀

unnamed (85)

I’m too cute for school…

unnamed (12)

Every day I just can’t quite get over the fact that this is my office….

unnamed104 unnamed (88)

unnamed (12) unnamed (31)

Edinburgh we love you!

unnamed (1)



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