September summer….

This week has been another big weather change, though funnily enough it has been glorious!! We are most definitely making the most of it! I know I keep saying it but this surely can’t last. Despite this amazingly beautiful weather, a part of me is starting to look forward to winter time now. I am Scottish after all, I kinda grave the dark and cold after a while haha!

What a morning this was, and to make it even better it Ruben’s first birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBEN!!! We hope we made it a special day xxxx




Ruben wondering what on earth Honda is doing hahaha!unnamed100

Wee-man Hector is not the biggest fan of the camera, but sometimes I get cracking shots of him!

unnamed (68)

Rolly-pollies!!! As if he wasn’t cute enough!

unnamed (82)

Hanging out on the green…Not long back this field in the Hermitage was almost always guaranteed to have someone pick-nicking on it. I’m so glad we have it to ourselves again 😉

unnamed (81)   unnamed (85) unnamed103unnamed (86)

I was teaching Archie and Jess to jump over wooden fences and walk along benches in the woods this week, I was getting some very weird looks from folks! I have no idea why though, collies need a job and Archie is just so smart he can pick up just about anything you want to teach him. Turning the woodland walk into an obstacle course seems a perfectly logical thing for me to do! You can keep your mystified looks people!

unnamed (88)

Through wood and over-hill…

unnamed (90) unnamed (91)

Winston, Winston, please come back and play with me?unnamed (92)

Winston is a dog on the go!! Here he is doing his tug-boat routine 😉

unnamed (93)

Moo-pie xxx


Lots of gosh-darn cute squishy goodness this week. GIVE ME ALL THE FRENCHIES PLEASE!!!! XXXXX

unnamed (99)  unnamed98

unnamed (98)

Honda loves sunshine and a roll in the grass, its the simple things really 🙂

unnamed (94)

Chocolate-Lab Friday 😀


Little grass munchers, ‘nom, nom, nom!’ Part dog, part cow….

unnamed (96)

Boo-bear xx

unnamed (95)998874_477415265733468_3012055722742511591_n

Miss Ella showing off her curls…x1383828_477601179048210_7438368070545907732_n

A very sunny evening walk in the park to end the week…unnamed (97)

unnamed (89)

Gus says, ‘It’s official, we need a third dog! If for nothing else than to provide Frenchie warming services!! ZZZzzzz’

unnamed (100)

Phew, that was a fun week, definitely time for some ober, mega snuggles. Have a great weekend everyone!!

unnamed (87)


Through the fog…

Last week we had some crazy foggy weather! It was so thick sometimes the dogs would almost disappear completely…almost 😉 One of my lovely clients asked if I was missing the warmer weather, but truth be told it has been roasting! Its so humid I have still been walking is shorts and t-shirt, albeit with some leggings underneath 😉

We have had some of our very dear friends come to guest spot with us over the last few weeks. It was absolutely wonderful to have Cocoa-Bean come to visit, we have known Cocoa since she was a little puppy and Gus especially thinks of her as his sister!

unnamed (61) unnamed (67)

It was also lovely to have Olly join us for a few walks again, we miss our Black Panther when he is away xxx


A good photo to demonstrate the crazy fog! Giorge is like, ‘Eh, guys?? Where are you?!’

unnamed (63) unnamed (64)

Some stunning group photos…

unnamed (65) unnamed (66)

Two of my favorite squishy faces!

unnamed (69) unnamed (70)

This was a particularly damp and chilly morning. The fog was so thick we were getting soaked even without a single raindrop falling! Coats on…

unnamed (79) unnamed (80) unnamed (84)

Check out the truly beautiful faces I get to look at everyday! unnamed (74) unnamed (75) unnamed (76) unnamed (71) unnamed (72) unnamed (77)

Selfies with dogs; I am getting the hand of this doggie hypnosis hahahaha! unnamed (73)

Its nice to get home and snuggle after a humid and damp day on the hills, Tillie agrees and thinks my legs make a pretty darn good pillow 😉

unnamed (78)

Happy to be back!

Well we had a fantastic time away, but it was fantastic to come back to work too!! We missed all our friends on four paws, and judging from the amazing welcome we got they missed us too!

Poor Mr Honda has a sore leg, but has been in good spirits and is slowly recovering. Woop, woop! We have been taking it easy on lead walks and resting too. It has been very warm this week, Indian summer! So we have all been enjoying little stops along the way for drinks and cooling down.

unnamed (35) unnamed (37)

A very sunny afternoon on Craiglockhart Hill, every time I walk up here with the dogs I am sad that Edinburgh Council have sold the nature reserve and university buildings for development. Its a crime….

Wee-man Hector chasing Ruben and Louis!

unnamed (38)

I really hope whatever company has bought these makes a good job of converting them, it would be a tragedy otherwise. unnamed (46)

Happy happy trails, I love this sight 😀

unnamed (39) unnamed (40) unnamed (41)

It has been very warm this week as I said, but we have also had some very very foggy mornings too! When the fog burns off we have been left with blazing sunshine and cloudless skies. I could definitely get used to this weather! Autumn is on its way…

Molly and the gang walking at the edge of the world!

unnamed (42) unnamed (44) unnamed (45)

Pretty spider webs in the morning dew…

unnamed (43)

Murphy, Smudge and Hugo, ‘Throw the ball Auntie Andie!!’

unnamed (48)

A happy Irish Terrier in the morning sun…

unnamed (47) unnamed (50)

Maud-monster has been in the puddles 😀

unnamed (51)

Knackard after the walk, ‘Can’t keep….eyes….open….ZZZZzzzzz.’

unnamed (49)

Ruben out with the chocolate labs and sunning himself in the afternoon sun enjoying the view.

unnamed (55) unnamed (52) unnamed (54)

Looking out over Arthur’s Seat…

unnamed (56)

We are all very much enjoying our luxury new ride, whoop whoop, traveling in style! After starting out the week in tragedy (some horrible person smashing my back window then driving off and leaving me without so much as a note!) we are now all settled in and I have to say super impressed with the custom dog-guard and boot divider. The spacious Volvo, who we have named ‘Zeus’ 😉 , has also been kitted out to perfection with a back seat dog-hammock and brand new doggie seat belts throughout! Oh yeah, pimpin puppy wagon….

unnamed (57)

Giorge taking five in the shade…

unnamed (58)

The loving couple 😉 So funny, they always pose the same way!!

unnamed (59)


A beautiful morning in Colington Dell.

unnamed (60) unnamed 24

It’s been a fabulous first week back, Gus’s Friday face says it all!!

unnamed (36)

Molly and Gus do Scotland- Monadh Mor and Findhorn

We have had spectacular weather for the last two days of our trip, we really couldn’t have asked for more! Thursday was spent exploring the Monadh Mor, a surviving relic from the end of the ice age! It is the largest remaining bog wood in Scotland. It was teaming with stunning wildlife and I was struck how parts of it reminded me of rural France and even California’s Yosemite valley. 

Hitting the bog…


So many butterflys!

P1040106 P1040109


Deep dark forest…

unnamed (6)

unnamed (5)

Gus has to test out the bogs of course, little toothy warthog that he is! 


unnamed (4)

Here there be fairy homes…P1040118

Check out the size of the mushrooms!!


Molly in the Heather, my girl is so gorgeous xxx

P1040126 P1040127


Today we drove out to yet another tiny village and this one was my favorite of the whole trip. Perhaps because it was more familiar having spent a lot of time in its neighboring villages such as Bucky and Cullen. Findhorn boasted a most spectacular beach, the best by far we have visited on this trip. We met some very friendly locals and their pooches too. A lovely way to spend our last day.


We LOVE the beach!! Yeehaa!!!P1040141


Show us your best crazy faces!




Ok some nice poses now guys 🙂

unnamed (2)


Gus knows the score…’Strike a pose…’


Some of the friends we met…this is Whisky the Collie!P1040171

And a whole gaggle of Retrivers who’s owner just called them, ‘The Girls’. Gus wolf-whistling at them, ‘Hey hey gorgeous!’

unnamed (3)

Some of us together, you know to prove I was there too 😉P1040167



P1040193 P1040194

Quick half before home…


Bye-bye Findhorn , we will definitely visit again!


Back home at the lodge and we spend our evening packing up and soaking up the sunshine. 


Its been a fantastic trip, we feel so relaxed we are practically horizontal! We have splurged on good scenery, food and drink. Thank goodness we have so much walking to do with all our best pals when we get back to the city! My mid-drift needs some strenuous exercise pronto!! Luckily I don’t think the pooches will have any objections to some hill walking!

 We are definitely ready to get home and see everyone,especially John who we miss greatly. Good-bye beautiful Scottish Highland until the next time, we will be back! xxxXXX

unnamed (7)




Gus and Molly do Scotland- Tain and Portmahomach

Yesterday we visited the village of Tain and some dog friendly contemporary art studios! Much fun and very welcoming staff/artist to chat too. First up was the Glass Storm Studio, their glass works were absolutely stunning.


P1040079 P1040081

Next was the lovely Browns Gallery featuring the works of contemporary painter Jennifer Houliston. Jennifer was lovely and very curious about Gus and Molly visiting her gallery. Typically we ended up talking more about the dogs than the art work hehe 🙂



Molly and Gus were so well behaved, model gallery visitors if I do say so myself. So as a reward we headed out towards the coast on the search of a beach to frolic on for a few hours. Hard life…



After a quick stop for some dinner we head back to the lodge for a relaxing evening and a movie by the fire…if I could get it lit haha! I have managed every other night, but for some reason I just didn’t have my fire lighting mojo last night! Just as well its not actually cold! Its just more for the atmosphere 😉





No fire tonight mum? What gives?