Gus and Molly do Scotland- Ullapool and Loch Lurgainn

Venturing further North into the glorious and spectacular Highlands we reached Ullapool and had a little picnic at Loch Lurgainn. It was about the most dramatic scenery I have ever had a crisp sandwich with!

The eerie shores of Loch Glascarnoch…P1040016

It is so quiet and desolate we were quite excited when we spotted a sheep and some ducks!P1040017

Molly, Isla and Lucie in their ‘Highlander’ pose 🙂P1040021


Lucie duck hunting!P1040025


Ullapool wildlife!


A merry little spider. The owner of the hotel came out to see what I was photographing and was quite impressed and relaxed about this fella being the first to welcome her guests. P1040035

Are we there yet?P1040038

Picnic time!


The view from our picnic spot… P1040040

Epic Scotland…




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