Gus and Molly do Scotland- Rogie Falls & the Touchstone Maze

Some lovely walks today courtesy of The Scottish Forestry Commission! First up is the stunning views of Rogie Falls, one of the best places to watch  the salmon run….apparently! We didn’t see any leaping salmon sadly, but a breath-taking spot non the less.



A suspension bridge! What do you think guys? Shall we brave it?


Nothing scary about this Mum!



“In fact this is just a bit boring mum, hurry up so we can keep moving!”P1040047



Miss Lucie thinks this is a good lark!P1040052


Anyone fancy a dip?


Can you spot Pete and Isla?




Blackmuir Wood and the Touchstone Maze…Its a doodle to Molly 🙂P1040062


Gus will take any opportunity to pose….P1040063


This is called, doing the ‘Lion King’….


Just at the end the walk we turned the corner and found we had somehow teleported to Italy!


Snuggling up by the fire at the end of the day…


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