Chasing Tails part II…..

Oh my goodness we might actually have caught up on all our photographs from the last few weeks!! Imagine that! Just remember folks if you want to see the daily photo posts please feel free to follow us on Instagram at ‘andreajackalleg’ or search for #fourseasonsdogwalkingedinburgh on instagram and we will come up!

Molly (or Blondie as I like to call her πŸ˜€ ) loves climbing, running and in general having winding all her boy-toys up haha! She loves a good game of chase or wrestle and the boys are more than happy to oblige!

unnamed (68)

Trying to distract Louis from playing with the ball! “Chase me instead Louis!”

unnamed (3)

Having a fantastic wrestling game with Archie and Smudge. So cute!

unnamed (12)


unnamed (13)

The forests are looking spectacular right now, explosions of colour everywhere. Β Autumn is a beautiful time of year, sigh…unnamed (65)

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The gang at Squirrel Alley…

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Oh wait, its just Olly playing with a stick hehehe πŸ˜€Β unnamed (48)

I love this photo, Ella and Ruben look like they are having a good old gossip πŸ˜€

unnamed (54) unnamed (2)

Spaniels and their heart melting eyes…they could get away with murder πŸ˜‰

unnamed (4) unnamed (8)

Follow the leader!

unnamed (21)

My little Ewoks need a fringe trim teehee πŸ˜‰

unnamed (5)

Honda paddling even in this weather! He is as gentle and wonderful as always xx

unnamed (9)

Baby Giorge is fast loosing his puppish looks, he will be a big-boy before we know it!


Poor Colin cut his pad on one of our walks last week and needed stitches 😦 Until he was all healed up we have been visiting him at home, which he was not so impressed with I have to say! On his mini walk around the block (with a waterproof boote on to protect his bandage) the tough wee lad kept trying to drag me to my car! Β “Why aren’t we going walking?! I’m totally fine!!” Major guilt trip!! But needs must I’m afraid!! I’m slightly redeemed in his eyes by bringing cheese slices and beef twists! ‘Hmpf, well if that’s the best you can do Auntie Andie…I suppose your forgiven…maybe.”

unnamed (14)

Louis, I think its super flattering that you only have eyes for me…but do you ever wonder why the others are pretty good at ambushing you? Lmao!!

unnamed (10)unnamed (62)

Woohoo!!! We did it!! Thats us all caught up folks. Time for bed, where we dream of tomorrows adventures with all our beloved friends xxx

unnamed (12)unnamed (11)


Chasing tails….

A lot of catching up to do! We have faced the tail end of a hurricane and the Autumn floods, but we never fail to enjoy all that Edinburgh’s magnificent open spaces have to offer us!

Olly-boy came for a short stay, which we always look forward too! Here he is with another mahoosive stick!

“Its mine, all mine, mwahahahaha!”

unnamed (46)

Selfies with Molly and Olly πŸ˜€

unnamed (45)

A massive kiss from Olly! Awwww I love you too!!! And…..eww πŸ˜€ xunnamed (39)

What are you doing up their Auntie Andie?unnamed (69)

Miss Jess, its not often I can get her to sit still long enough to take her photo haha! Its lovely when I do though because she is BEEEEAUUUTIFUL!!!

unnamed (17)

Check out Honda’s amazing camouflage!! Pretty darn impressive!

unnamed (40)

Oh-oh, incoming!! This might hurt a tad πŸ˜‰

unnamed (38)

Mini incoming πŸ˜€ This will hurt less so lol!

unnamed (36)

Double trouble xxXXxx

unnamed (41)

Autumn sunshine at Cramond Beach.

unnamed (43)

So Ella, Smudge and I visited Edinburgh Zoo….just kidding πŸ˜€ It just so happens that the dogs discovered one of our walks on a nature reserve borders with Emu pen at Edinburgh Zoo. The dogs were very quiet and well behaved, but of course curious as hell about these massive scary birds! To be honest the Emus were very curious too and did not look the least bit concerned. The dogs however were I think VERY grateful for the high fencing between them lol!

unnamed (42)

Dumplings anyone!

unnamed (44)

Molly catching up on Olly, I think she may have the drop on you this time mate!unnamed (47)

Murphy proving that ginger is shown off best in the sunlight.

unnamed (50)

Rocketdog sporting his Telly-Tubby mohawk hahaha!

unnamed (51)

I love Bulldog Thursdays! (So does Archie and wee-man!) Hector is like, “I refuse to look at the camera, now get over here woman and lift me down from here, toot-sweet!”

unnamed (53)

Puffed out and having a rest on Blackford Hill…

unnamed (52)

More of the gorgeous puddings together xxx

unnamed (55)

Ruben and his liquid eyes always ready to make me laugh xxunnamed (56) unnamed (57)

Who has the biggest tongue?? Louis or Winston….hmmmm…

unnamed (60)

My angel, my princess, my girl xx

unnamed (49)

Excuses, excuses…

Oh my goodness we have sooooooooo many photos to catch up on, so many I think I will have to do two blog posts! So sorry folks, my plan to stick to a once a week posting routine has been stamped out by my undertaking of pretty two massive projects at home. Setting up the system for my new. 255litres goldfish tank, and converting our front garden into a doggie haven! Β Both are under way and taking up pretty much all of my spare blogging time! So please forgive my absence.

Without further adieu…

We made the most of the September sun whilst we still had it. Trip to the beach with my two munchkins xx

A very sandy beard is what you end up with when you eat biscuits out of the sand.

unnamed (31)

Gus’s severely unimpressed face, he’s so ‘crabby’ πŸ˜€

unnamed (32) unnamed (24) unnamed (34)

Guest visit from Lucie, also known as Queen Squishy!’

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3)

Fun underhill and over hill…

unnamed (8) unnamed (6) unnamed (5)

Brake out the crazy faces!

unnamed (7)

Now these guys have nothing but good manners πŸ˜€ Kobi says, ‘Pffft, you guys are just boring!!’

unnamed (14)

Mr Honda looking gorgeous at the top of Blackford Hill…

unnamed (19)

And enjoying all the attention at The Cannymans!

unnamed (13)

No one can resist those big brown eyes!

unnamed (11)

Smudge, Ella and Hugo all hyped up on the fresh air πŸ™‚ Β unnamed (18) unnamed (16)

unnamed (25) unnamed (22)

I can never say no to this face…

unnamed (26)

Look into my eyes Auntie Andie, you love me most right?

unnamed (23)

Wee-man definitely loves Louis most!! Safe between his protectors legs πŸ™‚

unnamed (27)

My babies of the group Giorge and Ruben doing so well, learning and growing everyday. I LOVE my job and watching amazing dogs like these mature and and progress is a huge part of that. Gorgeous boys…

unnamed (28) unnamed (10)

And of course my prince in chocolate armor, Winston xx

unnamed (33)