Birthdays and chill-axing…

It was Gussy-boys 5th Birthday last weekend and in true Four Seasons Style we spent in with friends…




Happy Birthday my wee-man!! I couldn’t imaging life without you xXxXx


On with the walkies!!






Three different balls for three different dogs…I’m practicing for the championships of multi-tasking haha!


Ruben blissing out with a deflated basket ball he found discarded in the woods! Happiness to a dog is someone else’s cast-offs! Rubens face says it all, “Look Auntie Andie, treasure!!!” 🙂


“How’d ya like the view Auntie Andie? Hahahaha!” Bloomin cheeky monkey’s!! 😉




I would like to take this opportunity to say it’s not all crazy exercise here at Four Seasons Dog Walking! In fact we have plenty chill out sessions too! Catching our breath, cooing down, having lovely cuddles or napping…and I have to say many of the Four Seasons crew are EXPERTS when it comes to being snooze-monsters haha! And here is the proof!



Snug as a bug…


“What do you mean I should choose a bigger bed? I totally fit in this!” Erm…IMG_7621[1]

Snoozing in the car…





Do you think your close enough Gus?? Answer- “NO…”IMG_7879[1]

Chilling in the sunshine…IMG_7453[1]



Hehehe, Tia cracks me up 😀 IMG_7488[1]

All the cuddles…











Still catching up on all our photos! I am trying to be very very good and stick to my new routine of blogging so hopefully we will have worked through all the old photos by next week and can get on with the new ones!

This week is set to be another wet one, summer sunshine where have you gone!? This has been the wettest summer since Four Seasons Dog Walking began! However, the pups and I won’t lie, wet walks mean quiet parks and we can’t help but LOVE having the place all to ourselves. Yeeehaaaa!!!



Honda taking it easy…



Splish, splish, slash…





Miss Dixie is one of my friends dogs who they recently rescued. She is a loving beautiful girl with lots of energy and character. We loved her instantly! How anyone could abandon this adorable girl is beyond me. She is an Old Tyme Bulldog cross Boxer and many people give her funny looks because she is broad, large and strong. Never judge a book by its cover people!!! NEVER judge a dog by how it looks, basically stop reading the Daily Mail and listening to media reports who know NOTHING about dog physiology or behavior. Dixie-Bell may have been passed over for adoption by people who did not like the way she looked, and for the people who did well let me tell you its more fool them as they have missed out on one sweet, honey-bunny of a dog.



Its rolly-polly time!!



Ohhhhh Yeahhh!!!



Miss Tillie loves a good belly rub coupled with rolly-pollies!




What a team of champions! IMG_9342[1]



Rare moments of sun along the river…IMG_9363[1]





Eh Mum, you have dropped your phone case again! Thanks boys! IMG_9666[1]


Everyone loving the new car hammock! Snoozing pups…IMG_9820[1]


Gussy enjoying a bone at home in our garden, nom, nom, nom…IMG_9404[1]


We had one very sad goodbye last month too. Colin the Patterdale Terrier and his family moved back to Fife. We loved Colin dearly, he was a very valued member of the pack and we will miss him terribly. We hope he is enjoying his new home in the countryside. All the best Colin wee-man! xxxxxxxx






One more epic group shot…I think I’m gonna have this one framed! IMG_9343[1]




“Summer time, and the livings easy…”

And now for some more up todate footage of our summer living this August. I have to say it has been a VERY wet summer here in Edinburgh. The sun has been a rarely spotted object, however as always we manage to muddle through and have an awesome time!!!

Starting off with one of my favourite group-shots of the year so far…


Gus and Molly chilling in their make-shift shelter whilst their Dad and I do some Kelburn Festival painting. I love that all our hard work with our beloved pooches has paid off in this way. As was always our goal, we can pretty much take these guys anywhere with us. They accept new environments, situations, people and animals as long as we are there to guide and support them. We can pop them in something temporary like this and say ‘stay’ and they are like, “No problem Mum, as long as we are with you we are happy.” Which is exactly how it should be. Dogs are extremely adaptable, perhaps arguably the most adaptable of all domesticated animals. With the training, patience, love and respect it is possibly for them to accept and excel at almost anything. Remember these two could not have more different breeding or backgrounds, and yet here they are doing exactly what we have trained them both to do. Go Gus and Molly! Making Mumma proud xxx


What can I say? It’s tough sometimes being this god-damn handsome, but I manage…IMG_0121[1] IMG_0265[1] IMG_0284[1]

Into the wild…


Frenchie shenanigans, always there to make you laugh!

IMG_0305[1] IMG_0306[1]

Treats please…NOW!!IMG_0307[1]

“I know I have been really naughty from the word ‘go’ today but I NEED cuddles ok… I might actually die, no seriously, hold me!!!” Frenchies man, it actually takes too long to explain this breed to people. A good ‘face-palm’ action sums them up more efficiently…


Summer herolds the seasons of RIVER WALKS! WOOHOO!!


A beautiful tranquil spot, love it here…


Beautiful Miss Jess enjoying the long grass…IMG_0358[1]

The result of a very wet and intermittently sunny summer!! It’s a jungle out there!!IMG_0462[1]

Huge leaves!!

IMG_0371[1] IMG_0512[1] IMG_0506[1]

Women and their love of cushions, it even crosses species barriers!!


Booboo being like, “But I CAN fit two balls in my mouth honestly its fine!!” IMG_9042[1] IMG_9043[1] IMG_9044[1]

Montage of my summer office spaces, go ahead and feel jealous now 😀IMG_9045[1]

We love the sunshine yes we do 🙂 IMG_9053[1]

More, more, more….

Some old and new photos in this post, its been so long I have forgotten which photos I have already posted and which ones I have missed out! Waah!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to get a good blog posting routine going to keep on top of this, there are literally not enough hours in the day!

Starting off with sweet Lola…well she is sweet when she feels like it hehehe! xxx


Smudge and Olly enjoying the start of the long grass this Spring-time, it’s up past our shoulders now!

IMG_8051[1] IMG_8050[1]

Honda catching some rays…

IMG_8045[1] IMG_8041[1]

Smudge sporting a lovely new haircut in this photo, we can see your face wee-man!!! How about that!!IMG_8053[1]

The office…gosh my job is so awful sometimes!


I love this old man xxxIMG_3502[1]

Definitely getting into some older photos now, the bibs were still yellow! We are rocking neon-orange bandannas now, oh yeah baby…


Weeeeeeeeee……IMG_3728[1] IMG_3959[1] IMG_3858[1] IMG_3860[1] IMG_3960[1]

Maud loves a puddle…IMG_3931[1] IMG_4293[1]

Group-shot compilation!!!IMG_4339[1] IMG_4340[1] IMG_4497[1]


IMG_4498[1] IMG_4499[1]

My own wee man, SUCH a poser haha!IMG_4577[1]

Winston showing off his dashing undeniable good looks, dreeeeeeeaaaamy boy!IMG_4620[1]

Cramming in the photos!

We have been having SUCH a busy year!! And in true Four Seasons fashion I have not found the time to update my lovely blog with all our fun-filled photos. UNTIL NOW!!! Get settled on the sofa dog-lovers, this is gonna be one massive photo bonanza!!


I think we can make an informed guess as to what your mum (or dad) may have looked like Ella 😀 Cockapoo next to a Cocker Spaniel, so easy to see the resemblance!


Our latest recruit, the super-duper ober handsome Blue. And no he is NOT a miniature Doberman haha! This ladies and gents is a Manchester Terrier. He is a warm bundle of fun, springy energy and boy is he a clever cookie! Keeping me on my toes!


Blue is as cool as a cucumber with all my resident pups! He loves them all especially Ruben the Boxer and of course the Frenchies! But who doesn’t love a Frenchie I ask you?!IMG_8877[1]



I love my group-shots, yes I do! IMG_8848[1]

Molly-moo being all springy, jumping fallen logs!IMG_8679[1]


My beautiful girl under the cherry blossoms.


A pink canopy…


The wonderful Gena and Archie left us a month or so ago to move with their owners out to a farm in North Berwick, lucky pups!! We will miss them terribly and hope they are enjoying their new life in the country xxxx





Firm friends already, Giorge and Blue. The puppy becomes the master aye Giorge?? ‘Eh not quite yet Auntie Andie!!’IMG_8246[1]

Gus being a spoiled Frenchie after a very wet walk! Someone does NOT ‘do’ being cold and wet haha! IMG_8223[1]

Miss Dixie out on a walk with us. IMG_8118[1]

Sun beams!!! Lapping it up whilst it lasts, quick quick!! It is Scotland after all, the weather could change in fifteen minutes and it could snow….no seriously it is completely within the realms of possibilities here!! IMG_8206[1]

Giorge surveying his terrain!