Cramming in the photos!

We have been having SUCH a busy year!! And in true Four Seasons fashion I have not found the time to update my lovely blog with all our fun-filled photos. UNTIL NOW!!! Get settled on the sofa dog-lovers, this is gonna be one massive photo bonanza!!


I think we can make an informed guess as to what your mum (or dad) may have looked like Ella 😀 Cockapoo next to a Cocker Spaniel, so easy to see the resemblance!


Our latest recruit, the super-duper ober handsome Blue. And no he is NOT a miniature Doberman haha! This ladies and gents is a Manchester Terrier. He is a warm bundle of fun, springy energy and boy is he a clever cookie! Keeping me on my toes!


Blue is as cool as a cucumber with all my resident pups! He loves them all especially Ruben the Boxer and of course the Frenchies! But who doesn’t love a Frenchie I ask you?!IMG_8877[1]



I love my group-shots, yes I do! IMG_8848[1]

Molly-moo being all springy, jumping fallen logs!IMG_8679[1]


My beautiful girl under the cherry blossoms.


A pink canopy…


The wonderful Gena and Archie left us a month or so ago to move with their owners out to a farm in North Berwick, lucky pups!! We will miss them terribly and hope they are enjoying their new life in the country xxxx





Firm friends already, Giorge and Blue. The puppy becomes the master aye Giorge?? ‘Eh not quite yet Auntie Andie!!’IMG_8246[1]

Gus being a spoiled Frenchie after a very wet walk! Someone does NOT ‘do’ being cold and wet haha! IMG_8223[1]

Miss Dixie out on a walk with us. IMG_8118[1]

Sun beams!!! Lapping it up whilst it lasts, quick quick!! It is Scotland after all, the weather could change in fifteen minutes and it could snow….no seriously it is completely within the realms of possibilities here!! IMG_8206[1]

Giorge surveying his terrain!



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