“Summer time, and the livings easy…”

And now for some more up todate footage of our summer living this August. I have to say it has been a VERY wet summer here in Edinburgh. The sun has been a rarely spotted object, however as always we manage to muddle through and have an awesome time!!!

Starting off with one of my favourite group-shots of the year so far…


Gus and Molly chilling in their make-shift shelter whilst their Dad and I do some Kelburn Festival painting. I love that all our hard work with our beloved pooches has paid off in this way. As was always our goal, we can pretty much take these guys anywhere with us. They accept new environments, situations, people and animals as long as we are there to guide and support them. We can pop them in something temporary like this and say ‘stay’ and they are like, “No problem Mum, as long as we are with you we are happy.” Which is exactly how it should be. Dogs are extremely adaptable, perhaps arguably the most adaptable of all domesticated animals. With the training, patience, love and respect it is possibly for them to accept and excel at almost anything. Remember these two could not have more different breeding or backgrounds, and yet here they are doing exactly what we have trained them both to do. Go Gus and Molly! Making Mumma proud xxx


What can I say? It’s tough sometimes being this god-damn handsome, but I manage…IMG_0121[1] IMG_0265[1] IMG_0284[1]

Into the wild…


Frenchie shenanigans, always there to make you laugh!

IMG_0305[1] IMG_0306[1]

Treats please…NOW!!IMG_0307[1]

“I know I have been really naughty from the word ‘go’ today but I NEED cuddles ok… I might actually die, no seriously, hold me!!!” Frenchies man, it actually takes too long to explain this breed to people. A good ‘face-palm’ action sums them up more efficiently…


Summer herolds the seasons of RIVER WALKS! WOOHOO!!


A beautiful tranquil spot, love it here…


Beautiful Miss Jess enjoying the long grass…IMG_0358[1]

The result of a very wet and intermittently sunny summer!! It’s a jungle out there!!IMG_0462[1]

Huge leaves!!

IMG_0371[1] IMG_0512[1] IMG_0506[1]

Women and their love of cushions, it even crosses species barriers!!


Booboo being like, “But I CAN fit two balls in my mouth honestly its fine!!” IMG_9042[1] IMG_9043[1] IMG_9044[1]

Montage of my summer office spaces, go ahead and feel jealous now 😀IMG_9045[1]

We love the sunshine yes we do 🙂 IMG_9053[1]


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