Still catching up on all our photos! I am trying to be very very good and stick to my new routine of blogging so hopefully we will have worked through all the old photos by next week and can get on with the new ones!

This week is set to be another wet one, summer sunshine where have you gone!? This has been the wettest summer since Four Seasons Dog Walking began! However, the pups and I won’t lie, wet walks mean quiet parks and we can’t help but LOVE having the place all to ourselves. Yeeehaaaa!!!



Honda taking it easy…



Splish, splish, slash…





Miss Dixie is one of my friends dogs who they recently rescued. She is a loving beautiful girl with lots of energy and character. We loved her instantly! How anyone could abandon this adorable girl is beyond me. She is an Old Tyme Bulldog cross Boxer and many people give her funny looks because she is broad, large and strong. Never judge a book by its cover people!!! NEVER judge a dog by how it looks, basically stop reading the Daily Mail and listening to media reports who know NOTHING about dog physiology or behavior. Dixie-Bell may have been passed over for adoption by people who did not like the way she looked, and for the people who did well let me tell you its more fool them as they have missed out on one sweet, honey-bunny of a dog.



Its rolly-polly time!!



Ohhhhh Yeahhh!!!



Miss Tillie loves a good belly rub coupled with rolly-pollies!




What a team of champions! IMG_9342[1]



Rare moments of sun along the river…IMG_9363[1]





Eh Mum, you have dropped your phone case again! Thanks boys! IMG_9666[1]


Everyone loving the new car hammock! Snoozing pups…IMG_9820[1]


Gussy enjoying a bone at home in our garden, nom, nom, nom…IMG_9404[1]


We had one very sad goodbye last month too. Colin the Patterdale Terrier and his family moved back to Fife. We loved Colin dearly, he was a very valued member of the pack and we will miss him terribly. We hope he is enjoying his new home in the countryside. All the best Colin wee-man! xxxxxxxx






One more epic group shot…I think I’m gonna have this one framed! IMG_9343[1]





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