All the gorgeous puppies!

Emptying the camera of all the amazing photographs! ❤ ❤

Every day that it doesn’t rain in winter time is a darn good day!


Lovely Winston… Bleugh!IMG_2988[1]IMG_2871[1]

Gus’s usual position, you know just encase any biscuits accidentally leap out of my pocket. IMG_2870[1]IMG_2869[1]

Ruben playing the “hahaha I got the ball” game with Smudge 🙂IMG_2868[1]

Show off 😉IMG_2867[1]IMG_2866[1]IMG_2865[1]IMG_2751[1]

Crazy faces!IMG_2750[1]IMG_2749[1]IMG_2699[1]

Some more crazy faces! ❤IMG_2672[1]

Gus and his new toy of the moment…IMG_2671[1]IMG_2658[1]IMG_2632[1]IMG_2631[1]IMG_2613[1]IMG_2573[1]IMG_2543[1]IMG_2539[1]One of these things is not like the others lol!IMG_2528[1]


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