We have lift off!!!!

Hello everyone!!! Guess what… WE FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AGAIN!! Geezo that was a long four months. I could go on a rant about how utterly rubbish the big internet providers are to deal with, but instead I will just plough on with the photos as my phone is quite literally fit to burst! I can’t fit any more photos on the memory until I have uploaded and deleted a whole bunch.

So a very Happy New Year to you all and here we go!!

Happy chatty spaniel Hugo…Smudges sarcastic face, “I’m surrounded by idiots..” hehe


All the Christmas cookies for my puppies…IMG_3839[1]

We LOVE wintery blue skies ❤IMG_3817[1]

Awesome crew xxxIMG_3816[1]

Puppy Bramble and her love Ruben, these two are sooooooooooooo smitten with one another 🙂 IMG_3734[1]

I LOVE this photo 😀 So who wheres the pants in this relationship? Hmm, I wonder, lol!IMG_3733[1]IMG_3732[1]

Canoodling with her older man….IMG_3731[1]IMG_3664[1]

My darling love bugs are not fans of the winter weather. Getting them out of bed in the morning is very challenging!IMG_3635[1]

Crazy flooded river in the Dell, I have never seen it so high! No swimming today guys!IMG_3625[1]


Winter sunshine bliss…IMG_3561[1]

I think this is one of my most favorite group shots xxxIMG_3509[1]

Awesome girls!IMG_3508[1]IMG_3507[1]IMG_3494[1]IMG_3471[1]

Sponsored by Equafleece! Thee best dog coats, hands down!IMG_3469[1]IMG_3458[1]

Gus buried in blankets…IMG_3449[1]


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