Hello February…

We are starting February on a slightly sad note. The gorgeous Miss Tia is moving to her Nana’s down in Sunderland. We have known Tia for at least four years as she belongs to a very good friend of ours. She will be greatly missed by all. We know she will be very happy with her Nana and Papa though, especially as her boyfriend (another lurcher) is down there counting the days 😉 We hope we will see her again, it was hard today on our last frolic not to shed a few tears. We love you Tia, we know you will be very happy xXXx


All the fun and games enjoying literally EVERY second that is decides not to rain! Weeeeeeee!!IMG_5025[1]

Its a two-headed Airdale!!! Rarrr!!! IMG_5024[1]

More canoodling from the star-crossed lovers…IMG_5026[1]

Smudge be like, “Get a room already you too, bleugh!!”IMG_5027[1]

Miss Bramble is looking so grown up already. She has lost a lot of her puppy Airdale black coloration is favor of more ginger! IMG_4155[1]

Speed Queen Miss Molly…IMG_4217[1]

Frosty mornings have the dogs all hyped up 😀IMG_4218[1]

Miss Ella manages to always look like a lady even when she is sticking her tongue out at the camera haha!IMG_4219[1]IMG_4362[1]


These photos just crack me up! I can’t stop laughing looking at them, BI-YONGG!!IMG_4476[1]

Not one paw on the ground hehehe!IMG_4478[1]IMG_4470[1]

The beautiful silhouette of Miss Dixie, what a stunning girl she is xXXx IMG_4477[1]

Taking a moment to soak up how amazing my job is and how I LOVE being outdoors, yes even when the weather is not as gorgeous as it was on this day. IMG_4566[1]

Come on Molly girl, lets do one of those pouty selfie photos….

Nailed it. IMG_4567[1]

Isn’t my girl just beeeeeautiful? Its a rhetorical question don’t worry 😉 IMG_4568[1]

Kiss kiss kiss those soft chops ❤IMG_4569[1]

Bramble is definitely getting her posing for the camera down ❤ ❤ IMG_4570[1]IMG_4363[1]


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