Down and out…

IMG_5975[1]Well sadly I suppose it was bound to happen at some point in my career! Being out and about on the hills all day everyday, one day I was bound to hurt myself! Actually my family know me as one of thee most accident prone women on the planet so its amazing I haven’t done something like this before now! Yes you have guessed it folks I have gone and done myself an injury. I was laughing so much at the puppies silly antics and was not watching where I was going, my ankle went down a rabbit hole and ‘CRACK’….Eesk, I’m not gonna lie it was horribly painful. Like screaming, black out, I’m gonna vomit kinda painful 😦 I’m just so extremely grateful that nothing is broken!

The dogs were as good as gold, they stuck right by me, Bramble even lay beside me and rolled on my head a bit as I lay on the ground howling in pain. She probably thought I was playing some strange game! But even so her woolly body was extremely comforting as I buried my face in her curls and tried not to pass out. When I managed to get it together both Bramble and Ruben now on-lead helped me off the hill by supporting my weight a bit and keeping me steady. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million more times in the future, dogs are AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING animals!! Some people might think that dogs would just run away in this situation, but I have always found in fact that the exact opposite is true. They stayed right beside me even those still off-lead, looking at me the whole time in a confused concerned kinda way. I could almost hear their wee minds thinking, “Ok Auntie Andie is not acting right, somethings up, this is a bit of a strange very slow walk we are now doing! Its a bit boring but I know something is wrong so we’ll just stay beside her and do as she asks. Oh look we are still getting biscuits whoohoo!” lol

Other amazingness was provided by another professional dog walker here in Edinburgh that I am lucky enough to call friend! Ainsley who owns and operates ‘The Edinburgh Woof Pack’ ( came to my rescue helping me off the hill and to my car. Thank you again hun! All the other walkers I know and my amazing fabulous clients have been so supportive. I love our little professional walkers community! I love my clients!<3 ❤

So I am now stuck in bed for a good wee-while, which is horribly boring and I miss the dogs already! Luckily Gus and Molly think being in bed with mum all day is like freakin Christmas come early and it does give me a chance to catch up on my blog and emails. On with the photos!!

Thank you to Claire and Miss Moomoo for the cutest ‘Get Well’ message ever! Soooooooo adorable!


Just a little trick we have been working on! Two front paws on the log, such clever puppies!!IMG_5601[1]

Gus is such a short-arse hehehe! 😀IMG_5602[1]

But yeah ok my boy is also SO FREAKIN HANDSOME!!! Ahem, I’m not biased…I don’t know what you mean…IMG_5682[1]

Such beauties, making the most of even the cloudy spring days.IMG_5735[1]

So much trouble in one little photo lol!IMG_5734[1]

Team awesome ❤IMG_5733[1]

Booboo and his constant shadow, Moomoo loves her Chocolate Bear (Stalker, cough) 😉IMG_5771[1]

Moomoo and a game of footy on a sunny Saturday morning. Bulldogs and footballs go together like pancakes and maple syrup!IMG_5769[1]

We have also been having fun this last month learning a little ‘woodland’ agility 😀 We have so much fun at this! And for such a naturally lazy Frenchie Gus has actually taken to it really well! I love how Winston is just a content spectator in this photo haha!IMG_5840[1]

All together now!IMG_5839[1]IMG_5841[1]

Cute and squishy!IMG_5770[1]

Bulldog heaven xXXx IMG_5938[1]IMG_6794[1]

Molly having a power nap during the photo-shoot, cause you know, this is just so boring for an Airedale!IMG_5939[1]IMG_6793[1]

So Gus and Molly are enjoying morning walks with their Dad and then the rest of the day they have to keep me company in bed or on the sofa, as you can see they think its pure torture! IMG_3751[1] IMG_5933[1]IMG_1153[1]

I hope it is not too long before I’m back on my feet! I’ll be speaking to a family member tonight who is also a physio so hopefully she will be able to set me on the right track. I just want to say thank you again to all my amazing clients and friends for their wonderful support. xxxx




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