A Springtime dance…

Well we have battled through some truly rubbish Springtime weather but these last few weeks have been the light at the end of the tunnel and can we just say YEEEEHAWWW!!!! We are LOVING the springtime sunshine and although we are not foolhardy enough to believe it is here to stay for the summer (come on guys this is Scotland we are talking about!) we are certainly not going to let anything stop us from enjoying every second of it that we can. Sunglasses on, water bottles packed, lets hit the hills pups! Woof woof!

Look Blue’s gorgeous face, I mean is he not the cutest terrier ever?! He is as sharp as a tack and as fast as a bullet too! We love this little lad and all his manic enthusiasm for life, he has fitted in so well with the lunchtime rebels and we are so very happy to have him. He has had to pass on his title of ‘newbie’though! Keep reading to find out who has joined the Four Seasons crew recently!


My Molly girl was very much over due a hair cut and the warm weather gave me the kick up the butt I needed to get her sorted out. It was a long evening for both of us clipping and bubble bathing, but look how gorgeous she is! And totally bikini-body ready under all that fuzzy teddy-bear hair ❤ Wish I was 😦 hahah!IMG_6835[1]

Gus and I enjoying some sun in the garden after work, ahhh, glorious!IMG_6826[1]

A fun lunch walk with labs and bulldogs haha! Winston looking like the class clown in this shot where everyone else is looking so serious! Hysterical boy ;D xIMG_6797[1]

Can you spot the newbie? IMG_6629[1]

Here she is! Everyone this is Miss Molly the West Highland Terrier. Molly is going to be joining us once a week for some fun socializing. She is so sweet and we love her already. The boys have totally accepted her and in another few weeks she will be off-lead with the gang, ready to run riot and tear up the woods with the boys at her side! ❤ We are very happy to have a Westie on the team finally 😀 Welcome Miss Molly!


Maud catching biscuits literally makes for the best photos ever in my humble opinion. IMG_6608[1]IMG_6628[1]IMG_6616[1]IMG_6592[1]

Two gorgeous fuzzballs! Miss Bramble is in need of a summer cut too 😉 IMG_6589[1]

Gus where he thinks he belongs, on a throne lording it over us all haha!IMG_6447[1]

My guys and I enjoying a visit to the lake district with John my fiance (who’s also the photographer here).


Dixie saying everything that needs to be said in these next two photos about the recent sunshine spree, “HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!”IMG_6433[1]IMG_6431[1]

The beautiful elegant face of Mr Archie…he is all stunning grace up until he finds a pile of moldy bread to scoff or a pile of fox poo to roll in, yuck! 😉IMG_6418[1]

Ruben, happiest with a ball in his gob haha!IMG_6361[1]IMG_6360[1]

Airdale bitey-face fun and frolics in the sunshine ❤IMG_6359[1]IMG_6358[1]

Ruben and Dixie together, having them side by side this way you can really see the Boxer side in Dixie shining through. She has Bulldog of some description in there too, but so many strong Boxer characteristics both in looks and personality.  Ruben and Dixie got on very well together, even Miss Lola Dixie’s wee sister liked him too!IMG_6298[1]IMG_6297[1]IMG_6218[1]IMG_6217[1]

Sunday morning cuddles in bed are one of Gus and Molly’s most favorite things in the world…thank goodness as its one of mine too! Here is Mols bear-hugging her little brother, the heart melts when I see them do these things xxxIMG_6241[1]