Well we have missed a whole season of blog posts! I must apologies everyone for the long absence, everything has been so busy with the wedding planning, it has been nothing short of hectic!  However the good news is we have many beautiful photos to go through now, we can reminisce over another beautiful fun filled summer as we steadily move towards the colder months.

Just for those who may be curious this is my amazing wonderful husband John Cheetham and I on our wedding day with our two dogs Gus and Molly. And yes it was a dog friendly wedding, OF COURSE! We scoured the land to find a dog friendly wedding venue and were not disappointing with the amazing Strawberry Barn in Dunbar. It was an amazing day made even better by us being able to have our fur babies and fur friends with us. It made the day complete. Miss Molly decided to jump in a filthy duck pond right before our photoshoot (DOH!) so my two hours of grooming her to perfection went completely out the window, oh well! Its all fun memories!

All my beautiful puppies, I can’t emphasis enough how much I love every aspect of my job, every second spent with these amazing dogs fills me with happiness and joy.


My lovely father David joined us on my 32nd Birthday for my walks and took this lovely photo of me with the gang, nothing but love ❤


Mr Gus enjoying some sunshine rays in the garden, we did have some fantastic weather this summer!


We love cooling our paws in the Hermitage river…IMG_7062[1]

Little rays of sunshine each and everyone…IMG_7085[1]IMG_7093[1]

Blue skies <3, it will be good to look back at these and remember what it was like when we have nothing but grey cloud cover for oh, the next 8 months, sigh (lol) 😉IMG_7091[1]

Water babies, Kobi’s face is so funny here 😀IMG_7065[1]

Airedale kisses, love these girls xXXxIMG_7066[1]

I’m going to miss all this greenery…IMG_7096[1]

It was lovely to have Miss Tillie the Cocker Spaniel visit with us again, we love her sweet company…


Gus enjoying our little doggie garden in the morning, I love sitting out here with a cup of tea in the summer months. IMG_7138[1]

Sisters from another Mr hehehe!IMG_7173[1]

Gussy enjoying some summer ice-cream treats at the Meadows Festival here in Edinburgh.IMG_7108[1]

Those ears 😀 Miss Bramble is growing up but still as fun filled and goofy as always xxIMG_7172[1]

Case-in-point haha!IMG_7174[1]

Oh summer we wish you would stay forever ❤IMG_7151[1]IMG_7290[1]IMG_7298[1]



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