Summer Loving…

EEP! Still working towards out catch-up of all the summer loving! I’ll delve right in shall I?

To begin with a little sharing of what I have been up to these past few months (that don’t involve the wedding bonanza!) I attended two IMDT courses under the tutelage of Steve Mann, Perfect Puppy Foundations and a two day course on Career as a Dog Trainer. Now don’t worry folks! I’m not changing careers! I LOVE my work as a walker far too much ❤ However these courses were very applicable to my dog walking career as they covered a more in-depth look at how dogs learn, motivational training and how we as dog-handling professionals can better communicate with owners, our clients to help them better understand their dogs. I would recommend any IMDT courses to anyone, they were incredibly well structured and presented and refreshingly challenging. As dog handlers (in any profession regarding our 4-legged buddies) I believe we are always, and should always strive to learn as much as we can. It is a continuous learning process for us all, even the top dog trainers would say they are always learning! This is not the kind of work where you reach a point and ‘TA-DAH’ you are suddenly the perfect handler or trainer. We are constantly moving forward, honing our skills, learning new skills, learning more about our dogs world and how they perceive it. It is a life long journey, or a life long obsession…however you would prefer to view it 😉

Next year I’ll be following up with more in-depth courses on motivation, positive reinforcement and body language as well as nutrition.


Puppy dogs in the bath…you can see they are thrilled about it!IMG_7005[1]

Pooped baby…IMG_7011[1]

Bounce, bounce, bounce…IMG_7313[1]

A new face in the crowd! Meet Solo, a fun loving chatty Vizsla lad who got on particularly well with…well everyone! hehe 😉img_90201

Fun loving lads together, a joy to watch them running around being their healthy athletic selves xxximg_90151

Miss Myla the Pug determined to keep up with the others, just cause she’s little does not mean she is not up for the rough and tumble!  img_90081

Maud in the middle 🙂img_90071img_90051img_90281

That face ❤ I’m so so so so so happy to FINALLY have a little Pug on the team! WHOOP!img_90351

Never enough chocolate to go around xXXximg_91031

This photo just makes me so happy, what gorgeous dogs I get to spend my days with….img_91191

Miss Moomoo munching grass….mmmmm tasty grass….img_91201img_91211

Gus doing his model bit…img_91561

Raaaaaar!!! Run to Mummy!!!img_91571img_92111

All the beautiful babies…and Myla’s face just cracks me up in this photo 😀img_92211

SQUISHIES!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Sometimes I seriously contemplate stealing them all….;)img_92221img_92231

Yup, he is a pro at snoozing lol! This is the super grumpy face that I wake up too every morning…its kinda like looking in a mirror haha! Neither of us are morning people 😉img_92371


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