A last goodbye to 2016…

As we say goodbye to another year I would like to take the opportunity to send our eternal love to the Four Seasons members who have sadly passed away this year. It was with a very heavy heart that we said our final farewell to Honda. Honda was a quite literally a shining star and he firmly established Gus and Molly’s love of the Greyhound breed. We were so happy to have been able to spend time in his wonderful company and hope that we contributed to bring some joy to his twilight years.



We were very sad and shocked to hear of Koby’s sudden passing. Koby had not been walking with us for very long, however even in that short space of time he brought immense joy to the Four Seasons crew. He was a force of nature, a giant ball of vibrant energy and love, you couldn’t help but love him instantly in return. I will always remember his excellent swimming skills and his enthusiastic lust for life.


Just a few short weeks ago we also had tragic news that the beautiful Solo had very sadly passed away. Solo had not been with us very long but we were devastated to hear of his loss and our hearts go out to his grieving family. Solo was a strong strapping lad who also had an incredibly sweet soul, I felt instantly connected with him. His enthusiasm for walks and ball games coupled with his cuddly personality could melt any heart and mine was no exception. I was looking forward to spending more time with him and am just so truly heartbroken that he was taken from us all too soon. We feel blessed to have known him.

We have also said goodbye to a few gorgeous pups who have moved with their hoomans onto greener pastures. Miss Tia moved down south to live with her Nana and Papa. My beloved Rocket-Dog and Mr Giorge have embarked on new adventures in Europe with their parents. I always hate saying goodbye to my lovely puppies but I know they will have an amazing life with their fantastic owners where ever they are. Gus, Molly and myself send them love and our best wishes for their New Years abroad and we hope one day to see them again.




As we said teary goodbyes to some, this year we were lucky enough to also say ‘Hello!’ to new team members. We welcomed Myla, Murray, Molly and teeny baby Keira to the Four Seasons fold.  Each pup has brought their own spunky personality to the table and we are so happy to have them as part of the crew.




Before we welcome in a New Year (and Four Seasons Dog Walking’s FIFTH year in business, woohoo!!) I’d like to take a little look back at some more of the fun antics my furry munchkins and I have been up too these last few months. I really feel like the luckiest person, spending my days with the most amazing dogs who really are some of my very best friends! I am genuinely grateful every day, no matter the weather, I LOVE MY JOB!

img_10341 img_10351 img_10781 img_10801 img_10811 img_11691 img_11751 img_12271 img_12281 img_12491 img_10041 img_13071 img_13771 img_15751 img_15761 img_15471 img_15731 img_18531 img_18541 img_18811  img_92391 img_92411

Happy New Year everyone, we look forward to another fantastic year with all our four-legged and two-legged friends alike. Lets make our fifth year in business the best yet.

Lots of love,

Auntie Andie, Gus and Molly xXXx





Photos, photos, photos …

This seems to be a never-ending stream of photos! I’m STILL trying to work through my collection from August 2016 until now! Such hard work looking at all these fuzzy faces….not!

img_85041 img_85201 img_86681 img_86701 img_86691 img_89131 img_89141 img_89151 img_89441 img_89631 img_89641 img_89661 img_89671 img_89681 img_89841 img_89901 img_89651 img_92371 img_92861 img_94021 img_94111 img_94041 img_94541