Andrea Beveridge

Like many others before me, my passion for animals started at a young age. My love of animals was rooted from growing up in a family that had a historical adoration for anything four-legged. I shared my childhood with a menagerie of dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, rabbits, fish and even the odd stick insect!


(My first dog Bonnie, much-loved and missed.)

My real passion for walking with dogs began at just fifteen when I first volunteered for the SSPCA in Milton, Glasgow. Working for a rescue at a young age embedded within me a fascination for learning all I could about dog behaviour and psychology. This sparked within me a life-long enthusiasm for dog rehabilitation and training. There is always more to learn with every new dog I have the pleasure of meeting!

In the fifteen years since my time at the SSPCA I have worked in many different fields of dog handling both here in the UK and abroad, including further work with abandoned dogs in the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society in California. I have worked for large-scale boarding kennel establishments and in New Zealand I enjoyed a spell working with working farm dogs on a Lhama ranch, where we also bred Miniature Schnauzers.


( Bencarri Farm, New Zealand 2003, with two of our Miniature Schnauzers Moki and Scampi.)


It has been a dream come true to finally have my very own dog walking business where all my experience can be put to good use, making sure my clients have the very best care for their beloved pooches. I am fully aware of the importance of exercise and mental stimulation in your dog’s life. As well as improving and maintaining health and fitness, regular walks provide your dog with an outlet for stress and boredom, which all helps in preventing unwanted behaviours. Walks also help provide your dog with one of the basic essential requirements for their mental wellbeing; socialization.

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My customers trust me with their animals, confident in my experience and knowing that their beloved pets are being treated with the same care and affection I give to my own. I am also constantly working towards further qualifications in my field with a particular interest in achieving certifications in Canine Behavior, Motivation, Positive Reinforcement and Nutrition.


I offer friendly, flexible and reliable pet care tailored to suit both you and your pet.






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