Summer dreaming…

Yes, we are STILL working through the summer photos! What can I say, I take A LOT of photos lol! It it nice with the weather turning cold now and the clocks about to go back (boo to dark mornings, wah!) to look back on all that gorgeous weather we had. Everyone complains about it at the time, hindsight is a bit of a b*tch aye πŸ˜‰ hehe…

Without further adieu… I’ll start the reminiscing with a group shot bonanza!Β img_77801

I love this one…


I spy a newbie! Mr Koby the Black Labrador who joins us at the weekend on occasion. He is a happy-go-lucky ball obsessed sweetheart ❀ img_78391img_78441



Super cute two-some Giorge and Myla…img_84401

Murray, Olly and Bramble enjoying a game of chase…img_85161

Little and large Terrier buddies ❀img_85171

Fuzzy nose ❀


Bramble is always up for it, ‘Bring it on boys!’ πŸ˜‰Β img_85181img_85211

Olly and Smudge, two of my oldest clients. These two lads have been with me from the very beginning. It makes me so proud to have had such long term clients, to be able to continue watching these amazing dogs whom I love, grow from pups into such beloved friends.


Snoozing amongst all the wedding decorations …Gus thinks Molly’s head makes the perfect foot warmer.Β img_85381

Another of my absolute favs from this summer ❀img_85561img_85901

Myla and ‘her’ lads…img_85891

Kobi hanging with the big-boys group ximg_85571img_85921

That gorgeous greenery is going to be sorely missed…img_86021img_85911img_86031

After work we do like our snoozing! I’m a bit partial to joining them haha! Well after 9-10 miles of hills I don’t think anyone could begrudge us a little power nap πŸ˜‰Β img_86041

Cocoa-Bean! We miss this lady all the time and LOVE it when she comes to visit ❀ ❀ img_86441

Lovely athletic girls xximg_86661

Nothing beats that ‘wind in your hair’ kinda day!img_86671

Archie and Myla


We will finish with Miss Bean-Weasel doing her very best meerkat impression, funny girl!Β img_86751


Sunshine state…

Still working our way through the summer photos folks πŸ˜‰ As the winter weather slowly descends on us it is lovely to look back at all those gorgeous blue-skied days…img_93111



Mr Hugo had a long stay with his Nana and Papa in Ireland this summer, we were so delighted when he finally came home, we missed him!img_92871

This is Mrs Cara. I say ‘Mrs’ as she is a very mature lady! She is older sister to Miss Bramble the wild child lol. She must have the patience of a saint to share her house with that young up-start haha! Β Cara comes with us one a week for a stroll and she enjoys paddling in the river and sniffing…a lot πŸ˜‰


Archie, Arhcie, Archie… could you try to be a little less good looking please? You are putting ALL of us to shame!img_93221

The happiest of happy frenchie faces ❀img_93231

Not one to be outdone, here is Gussy trying to show Archie he is not intimidated by his good looks…me thinks you are trying a little too hard Gus my lad lol πŸ˜‰Β img_56821

Border Terriers have the cheekiest wee faces ❀img_80741

I love this spot ❀ ❀ Its one of my secret places, shh…I’ll never tell πŸ˜‰img_81211img_81321

This photo was taken after a full afternoon of swimming and frolicking in the river, these are all my champion water babies! Its always sad saying goodbye to our swimming days…until next year.img_82731

That time Ruben found an abandoned football…It was like Christmas had come early!img_82741

I am sure I have mentioned it before but it can always be repeated! I am so so delighted to finally have our very own little Pug on the team! Four long years I have waited for this little recruit haha πŸ˜‰ Myla is everything we could ask for, bringing the ‘Pug-Life’ vibe to our walks in a big way. She may be little but her personality is anything but! She is full of smiled and fun and loves being right in amongst the lads…img_84111

From me to you, kiss kiss…img_84131



What are those lads up to Myla? I don’t know but I’m gonna find out!img_84231

Yup this is Myla…in a nutshell hahaha!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! Ruben is such a start of a dog with the littles ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ img_84431

Boy it is such hard work keeping those boys in line aye munchkin? Sleep well xxximg_84371

Summer Loving…

EEP! Still working towards out catch-up of all the summer loving! I’ll delve right in shall I?

To begin with a little sharing of what I have been up to these past few months (that don’t involve the wedding bonanza!) I attended two IMDT courses under the tutelage of Steve Mann, Perfect Puppy Foundations and a two day course on Career as a Dog Trainer. Now don’t worry folks! I’m not changing careers! I LOVE my work as a walker far too much ❀ However these courses were very applicable to my dog walking career as they covered a more in-depth look at how dogs learn, motivational training and how we as dog-handling professionals can better communicate with owners, our clients to help them better understand their dogs. I would recommend any IMDT courses to anyone, they were incredibly well structured and presented and refreshingly challenging. As dog handlers (in any profession regarding our 4-legged buddies) I believe we are always, and should always strive to learn as much as we can. It is a continuous learning process for us all, even the top dog trainers would say they are always learning! This is not the kind of work where you reach a point and ‘TA-DAH’ you are suddenly the perfect handler or trainer. We are constantly moving forward, honing our skills, learning new skills, learning more about our dogs world and how they perceive it. It is a life long journey, or a life long obsession…however you would prefer to view it πŸ˜‰

Next year I’ll be following up with more in-depth courses on motivation, positive reinforcement and body language as well as nutrition.


Puppy dogs in the bath…you can see they are thrilled about it!IMG_7005[1]

Pooped baby…IMG_7011[1]

Bounce, bounce, bounce…IMG_7313[1]

A new face in the crowd! Meet Solo, a fun loving chatty Vizsla lad who got on particularly well with…well everyone! hehe πŸ˜‰img_90201

Fun loving lads together, a joy to watch them running around being their healthy athletic selves xxximg_90151

Miss Myla the Pug determined to keep up with the others, just cause she’s little does not mean she is not up for the rough and tumble! Β img_90081

Maud in the middle πŸ™‚img_90071img_90051img_90281

That face ❀ I’m so so so so so happy to FINALLY have a little Pug on the team! WHOOP!img_90351

Never enough chocolate to go around xXXximg_91031

This photo just makes me so happy, what gorgeous dogs I get to spend my days with….img_91191

Miss Moomoo munching grass….mmmmm tasty grass….img_91201img_91211

Gus doing his model bit…img_91561

Raaaaaar!!! Run to Mummy!!!img_91571img_92111

All the beautiful babies…and Myla’s face just cracks me up in this photo πŸ˜€img_92211

SQUISHIES!! ❀ ❀ ❀ Sometimes I seriously contemplate stealing them all….;)img_92221img_92231

Yup, he is a pro at snoozing lol! This is the super grumpy face that I wake up too every morning…its kinda like looking in a mirror haha! Neither of us are morning people πŸ˜‰img_92371


Well we have missed a whole season of blog posts! I must apologies everyone for the long absence, everything has been so busy with the wedding planning, it has been nothing short of hectic! Β However the good news is we have many beautiful photos to go through now, we can reminisce over another beautiful fun filled summer as we steadily move towards the colder months.

Just for those who may be curious this is my amazing wonderful husband John Cheetham and I on our wedding day with our two dogs Gus and Molly. And yes it was a dog friendly wedding, OF COURSE! We scoured the land to find a dog friendly wedding venue and were not disappointing with the amazing Strawberry Barn in Dunbar. It was an amazing day made even better by us being able to have our fur babies and fur friends with us. It made the day complete. Miss Molly decided to jump in a filthy duck pond right before our photoshoot (DOH!) so my two hours of grooming her to perfection went completely out the window, oh well! Its all fun memories!

All my beautiful puppies, I can’t emphasis enough how much I love every aspect of my job, every second spent with these amazing dogs fills me with happiness and joy.


My lovely father David joined us on my 32nd Birthday for my walks and took this lovely photo of me with the gang, nothing but love ❀


Mr Gus enjoying some sunshine rays in the garden, we did have some fantastic weather this summer!


We love cooling our paws in the Hermitage river…IMG_7062[1]

Little rays of sunshine each and everyone…IMG_7085[1]IMG_7093[1]

Blue skies <3, it will be good to look back at these and remember what it was like when we have nothing but grey cloud cover for oh, the next 8 months, sigh (lol) πŸ˜‰IMG_7091[1]

Water babies, Kobi’s face is so funny here πŸ˜€IMG_7065[1]

Airedale kisses, love these girls xXXxIMG_7066[1]

I’m going to miss all this greenery…IMG_7096[1]

It was lovely to have Miss Tillie the Cocker Spaniel visit with us again, we love her sweet company…


Gus enjoying our little doggie garden in the morning, I love sitting out here with a cup of tea in the summer months.Β IMG_7138[1]

Sisters from another Mr hehehe!IMG_7173[1]

Gussy enjoying some summer ice-cream treats at the Meadows Festival here in Edinburgh.IMG_7108[1]

Those ears πŸ˜€ Miss Bramble is growing up but still as fun filled and goofy as always xxIMG_7172[1]

Case-in-point haha!IMG_7174[1]

Oh summer we wish you would stay forever ❀IMG_7151[1]IMG_7290[1]IMG_7298[1]


A Springtime dance…

Well we have battled through some truly rubbish Springtime weather but these last few weeks have been the light at the end of the tunnel and can we just say YEEEEHAWWW!!!! We are LOVING the springtime sunshine and although we are not foolhardy enough to believe it is here to stay for the summer (come on guys this is Scotland we are talking about!) we are certainly not going to let anything stop us from enjoying every second of it that we can. Sunglasses on, water bottles packed, lets hit the hills pups! Woof woof!

Look Blue’s gorgeous face, I mean is he not the cutest terrier ever?! He is as sharp as a tack and as fast as a bullet too! We love this little lad and all his manic enthusiasm for life, he has fitted in so well with the lunchtime rebels and we are so very happy to have him. He has had to pass on his title of ‘newbie’though! Keep reading to find out who has joined the Four Seasons crew recently!


My Molly girl was very much over due a hair cut and the warm weather gave me the kick up the butt I needed to get her sorted out. It was a long evening for both of us clipping and bubble bathing, but look how gorgeous she is! And totally bikini-body ready under all that fuzzy teddy-bear hair ❀ Wish I was 😦 hahah!IMG_6835[1]

Gus and I enjoying some sun in the garden after work, ahhh, glorious!IMG_6826[1]

A fun lunch walk with labs and bulldogs haha! Winston looking like the class clown in this shot where everyone else is looking so serious! Hysterical boy ;D xIMG_6797[1]

Can you spot the newbie?Β IMG_6629[1]

Here she is! Everyone this is Miss Molly the West Highland Terrier. Molly is going to be joining us once a week for some fun socializing. She is so sweet and we love her already. The boys have totally accepted her and in another few weeks she will be off-lead with the gang, ready to run riot and tear up the woods with the boys at her side! ❀ We are very happy to have a Westie on the team finally πŸ˜€ Welcome Miss Molly!


Maud catching biscuits literally makes for the best photos ever in my humble opinion.Β IMG_6608[1]IMG_6628[1]IMG_6616[1]IMG_6592[1]

Two gorgeous fuzzballs! Miss Bramble is in need of a summer cut too πŸ˜‰Β IMG_6589[1]

Gus where he thinks he belongs, on a throne lording it over us all haha!IMG_6447[1]

My guys and I enjoying a visit to the lake district with John my fiance (who’s also the photographer here).


Dixie saying everything that needs to be said in these next two photos about the recent sunshine spree, “HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!”IMG_6433[1]IMG_6431[1]

The beautiful elegant face of Mr Archie…he is all stunning grace up until he finds a pile of moldy bread to scoff or a pile of fox poo to roll in, yuck! πŸ˜‰IMG_6418[1]

Ruben, happiest with a ball in his gob haha!IMG_6361[1]IMG_6360[1]

Airdale bitey-face fun and frolics in the sunshine ❀IMG_6359[1]IMG_6358[1]

Ruben and Dixie together, having them side by side this way you can really see the Boxer side in Dixie shining through. She has Bulldog of some description in there too, but so many strong Boxer characteristics both in looks and personality. Β Ruben and Dixie got on very well together, even Miss Lola Dixie’s wee sister liked him too!IMG_6298[1]IMG_6297[1]IMG_6218[1]IMG_6217[1]

Sunday morning cuddles in bed are one of Gus and Molly’s most favorite things in the world…thank goodness as its one of mine too! Here is Mols bear-hugging her little brother, the heart melts when I see them do these things xxxIMG_6241[1]