Day Care

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It is only in relatively recent times that it has become commonplace for dogs to be left unattended in their homes for prolonged periods whilst their owners go out to work long hours. Whilst many dogs (with the correct amount of exercise and stimulation) can adapt well to their owners working schedule there are those out there who are either overwhelmingly motivated to be with people or who have much higher energy levels than their owners have time to physically meet.  For a dog whose personality falls into either of these categories it is common place for them to feel stressed when left by themselves.  Indeed many dogs can experience separation anxiety when left alone for too long, leading to destructive and self-injurious behavior.

Day Care is an alternative to a dog walking service, for dogs that are not good at being left alone for long periods of time or just not good at being left alone full stop!  Day care is also great for young energetic dogs that need socialization and basic training, providing of course that the dog is of an age where they are physically ready to cope with a more strenuous exercise regime. My daycare service is not suitable for very young puppies sadly as the day involves 2-3 hour long walks, it is specifically catered to dogs who really need that extra mile to feel mentally and physically fulfilled!

Medication and feeding requirements can be catered for.

You will also be able to follow your dogs daily antics on the Four Seasons Dog Walking blog and I can also keep you updated throughout the day via texts, instagram and facebook updates.

A flexible booking service can be offered for Day Care but please note that priority will be given to clients who wish to book a regular weekly slot.

Day Care

Mon- Fri: £18.00 per day.                 Additional dog per household -£16.00 per day.

Saturday-Sunday: £20 per day.   Additional dog per household -£18.00 per day.

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